Thanks (Poem)

Thanksgiving is here,

There are so many things to be grateful for,

Depression is here,

It’s hard to focus on what I’m grateful for,

I’m letting depression to be here.


The doctor gave me the results,

It’s so hard to be grateful when I encounter something hard,

Why couldn’t everyone wait after Thanksgiving to give me the results?

Life feels so hard,

Why couldn’t I have received good results?


Then there were other people giving me bad news,

Why does everyone have to gather to try to knock me down?

My mind and body isn’t able to handle so much bad news,

I’m trying so hard to stay up and not down,

All I want to do is cry because of the bad news.


Still, I’ll do my best to get through this bad chapter,

I’ll find a way to give thanks,

I have to believe that the future will have a better chapter,

There will come a day when I’ll overcome this and give thanks,

It will be okay as long as I don’t give up because of this bad chapter.

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