Crumbling (Poem)

My world is crumbling,

What I walked away from is calling,

My soul feels dark as the world keeps crumbling,

My own demons are calling,

Reminded of my past escape when my world was crumbling.


They did drugs and drank,

I watched as I continued to surround myself with those who struggled,

I never did drugs or drank,

Yet felt similar because we continued to live as we struggled,

They couldn’t escape their demons even after they did drugs or drank.


They were gangsters,

I was an outcast,

They were judged because they were gangsters,

I was judged because I was an outcast,

Sadly, heaven took some gangsters.


I chose a different life,

Yet in hardships, I’m reminded of them,

They don’t have much in life,

Perhaps I’m meant to have nothing like them,

It’s with this type of thinking that I say, “It’s time to find my inner peace to continue choosing the good life.”


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