Light In (Poem)

Our world began to crumble when you walked through our door,

You walked in darkness and brought it with you,

We shouldn’t have let you walk through our door,

Yet we wanted to help you,

Our kindness didn’t let us see what was walking through our door.


You stated that others argued because of you,

We understood why when we started to live with you,

You put the blame on others and not you,

You even said it was demons and not you,

In the end, we realized we couldn’t help you.


It’s interesting how you always opened the curtains to let light in,

Yet our house felt so dark when you were in it,

You were bringing darkness in,

It felt like we all wanted to die while you were in it,

So, I decided I didn’t want to ever let you in.


You left and the light was finally let in,

We don’t even need to open the curtains,

Our house finally feels like there’s so much light being let in,

Yet you don’t even realize that you’ll continue to be in darkness even with the opened curtains,

You can’t even see that you’re the one that doesn’t really want to let light in.

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