Craziness (Poem)

Cheater after cheater,

I felt the craziness within me,

The toxic side of me came out when I was dating a cheater,

The love for a cheater was destroying me,

I was finally able to calm down the moment that I stopped loving a cheater.


In a better relationship,

Yet the craziness inside me isn’t gone,

The crazy feeling is calm in this current relationship,

The craziness will appear the moment that I feel everything is gone,

The craziness will appear if I ever end up hurt because of this relationship.


Hurt is an emotion that can be difficult to control,

I want to hurt myself and I want to hurt another,

Thankfully he ends up saying or doing something that puts me back in control,

The calm me doesn’t ever want to hurt another,

Thus, it’s better for me to stay with someone who truly loves me in order to stay in control.

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