Zero to Two Kids (Poem)

Zero kids to two kids,

We became foster parents,

It has been so hard with the kids,

It’s so hard to be foster parents,

We are so tired of trying to find solutions for the kids.

Husband and I argue because of the kids,

We almost gave up on having kids,

Husband said he was done with kids,

I always wanted kids,

Yet I didn’t want the problems that we’ve encountered with these foster kids.

My dream of being called a mom won’t come true,

These kids always talk about their mom,

Should I give up on these kids and adopt a kid who’ll make my dream come true?

I wanted my husband to be a dad and I wanted to be a mom,

Should we give these kids a home even though they’ll never make our dreams come true?

We are sacraficing so much for the kids,

We wonder if it’s worth the mistreatment caused by the kids,

What do we get out of fostering these kids?

Would the future get better or worse with these kids?

We honestly don’t know what would happen with these kids.

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