Psychological Issues:

Social Phobia —> Overcame after dating.


Caused by not liking my appearance and being bullied when I was young.

Solution: I saw that others liked my appearance, which helped me to like myself. Being mistreated by the men caused me to argue back with them. I slowly started to defend myself. I guess my own anger helped me not be quiet.

Life Lesson: Eliminate those who don’t accept you and welcome those who do accept you. You should only allow people who treat you right. Don’t allow others who don’t treat you right in your life.

Agoraphobia —> Overcame by learning to love being outside and by learning to like people.


Caused by having a bad view of others. I didn’t want to be outside because I didn’t want to be around others. I was afraid, worried, and as I said, I had a negative view of all.

Solution: I saw the beauty of being outdoors. I learned to see the good in the outdoors. I also saw that there were kind people. I saw that not all people were bad. I saw that there are a lot of caring people.

Life Lesson: Smile at others. Be kind to others. Be polite to others. You’ll eventually see that you’ll start attracting good people in return.

Erotophobia —> Overcame by meeting and getting married to my husband.


Caused by a nurse shoving a tube inside of me while I was still a virgin. I guess kind of like the feeling you have when rape, but different because I wasn’t forced. Also, my first sexual partner gave me an STD, which thankfully was curable.

Life Lesson: Someone who truly loves you will have patient with you. You’ll feel the love and it will be the true love that will help you enjoy anything related to sex.

Emetophobia —> Still researching.


Caused by the family environment.

Solution: Wasn’t able to eat to the point where I went a day (s) without eating. I chose to create a schedule to eat. I also chose to eat food the same food each time. It became about learning to trust the food. Eventually I ate without skipping meals. In the end, I realized all that matters is that I eat something.