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Protection (Poem)

Stepped out the door without protection,

Endured the harsh words for years,

There was nowhere to go for protection,

I held in the pain for years,

It became hard to breathe without protection.


I broke when adulthood came,

I was no longer forced to do what I didn’t want to do,

Over and over the panic attacks came,

I was released from the adults that constantly told me what to do,

Yet in my adulthood, I also begged for a protection that never came.


Phobias took over while I hid from the world,

I didn’t realize that I was my own protection,

Until I got tired of hiding from the world,

Thus, I chose to face the world and become my own protection,

One by one the phobias were let go and I saw a less scary world.

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Your Voice (Poem)

Your voice is what matters,

Silence won’t lead to the right people to hear you,

Believe that your voice matters,

Don’t be afraid when the wrong people leave you,

Attracting the right people is what matters.


I stopped speaking when others said stop speaking,

I was left alone because I listened to the bullies,

I was so scared when I was speaking,

I was so scared of the bullies,

Yet I had to courage to speak more when I started to miss speaking.


It felt so lonely when I didn’t have someone to talk to,

I missed hearing conversations,

I desperately wanted someone to talk to,

Thus, I left my cage and started to cherish the conversations,

It felt so wonderful to have someone to talk to.


I didn’t know then that it was my own voice that would release me from some fears,

I stopped caring about the bullies and started to enjoy talking again,

It was in the loneliness that I had the courage to speak and overcome fears,

I realized that I didn’t need people who didn’t want to hear me talking again,

Eliminating the wrong people from my life is what helped me overcome some fears.

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True Colors (Poem)

You assume you know me by what I say,

The truth is, you don’t know me at all,

There are things I don’t say,

I won’t ever let you know me at all,

I test you with what I say.


You rejected me because of what I said,

Did you know that I rejected you first?

I wanted you to reject me with what I said,

Why didn’t I walk away first?

I wanted you to prove me wrong with what I said.


Turns out that I was right about you from the start,

Your true colors came out with my words,

I was right to not trust you from the start,

Glad when I don’t waste time with people who show their true colors with my words,

It’s better to say goodbye to jerks before attachment starts.

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Break Me (Poem)

I was bullied,

What did I learn?

I learn that I can survive when I’m bullied,

It was a painful way to learn,

It truly hurts to get bullied.


I was emotionally abused by lovers,

What did I learn?

I learned that I can walk away from lovers,

It was a painful way to learn,

It truly hurts to get emotionally abused by lovers.


I was hit over and over,

What did I learn?

I learned that I certain hits don’t kill you when it’s over,

It was truly hard to learn,

I was glad it was over.


What did life teach me?

Emotional and physical abuse didn’t kill me,

I kept surviving even when others tried to break me,

Yes, I ended up crying over and over because of what kept happening to me,

Yet it’s my past that proves that “I won’t ever let anyone break me.”

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Fake Smile (Poem)

You smile,

I see through your fake smile,

I want to punch you and erase that smile,

That would truly make me smile,

I truly dislike your fake smile.


It’s a smile that says “I won,”

What you don’t know is that you haven’t won,

The day I wake up the fighter in me is when you’ll see that you haven’t won,

I’ll show that I’m the one that won,

How dare you think you won.


Oh, I bet you like seeing that you can control me,

I always liked when I proved others wrong,

You are wrong to think that someone like you will cage me,

I can’t wait to prove you wrong,

I look forward to the day when I walk away with the words “bitch how dare you try to break me.”


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Heatless Ones (Poem)

It was always your way,

It was never my way,

I wanted to be loved my way,

You didn’t want to love me my way,

We both went our separate way.


The manager said to do this and this,

The manager used me over and over,

I was so stressed over this,

I wondered when it was going to be over,

I walked away when I finally said: “I’m done with this.”


The foster agency said you can’t adopt,

The dream of being a mother shattered,

Hard to accept that I can’t have my own child or adopt,

Yet I keep doing my best to move forward when my dreams keep being shattered,

I guess some weren’t meant to have a child or adopt.


Point is, everything is always controlled by the heartless ones,

I hate feeling powerless against controlling jerks,

Why do I always keep meeting the heartless ones?

Why do I always have to fight against jerks?

I truly need a break from the heartless ones.


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Calm Enough (Poem)

One day you have it all,

The next it’s all gone,

What do you do when you lose it all?

How do you stay sane when it’s all gone?

Tell me how do we cope with losing it all?


You say “I can’t breathe,”

You want to scream and cry,

You have to do your best to breathe,

It’s okay to scream and cry,

Screaming and crying might help you breathe.


The truth is, calming down might help you think,

Calming down might help you analyze,

You have to do your best to think,

You have to sit and analyze,

The solution will only come when you’re calm enough to think.



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Student vs. Student (Poem)

There's a student,
There's another student,
It's a student vs. student?
No, there's no vs. when it comes to a student,
​It's all about passing each student.

Don't have ONE favorite student,
Students shouldn't be there to feel another is smarter,
A proper education means all can be an "A" student,
It's the teacher's job to determine how ALL can become smarter,
So make it clear that they all have the ability to become a smart student.
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Exist (Poem)

Do you truly exist?

Were you made up by someone who was struggling?

Why do I exist?

Is life just about struggling?

Please help me understand the answer to “Why do I exist?”


I question your existence when I’m struggling,

Grateful when there’s peace,

I feel so old when I keep struggling,

Do you dislike when I’m at peace?

Why do you use your power to keep me struggling?


I feel like all the doors are shutting around me,

I feel tiny as everyone keeps stomping on my goals,

Do you like to see others mistreat me?

Do dislike the idea of accomplishing my goals?

Why do you keep doing this to me?


I guess the logical side of me says “You don’t exist,”

How can a “God” want to constantly see me struggle?

The other side of me says “I have to believe that you exist,”

Believing is what helps me through my struggle,

Thus, I’ll believe or not believe if it helps me cope with “Why do I exist?”

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Neighborhood (Poem)

Peace was all I asked for,

To enjoy the scene without a terrible neighbor,

Was that too much to ask for?

Why did we end up with a terrible neighbor?

Perhaps it was too much to ask for?


Ghetto neighbor dumping their trash on our property,

We pay thousands for our property and that ghetto neighbor acts like our house belongs to them,

Thus, we had to get a camera to record that they were coming uninvited to our property,

I doubt a camera is going to stop them,

Yes, it’s sad that we might have to use the law to stop them from stepping on our property.


Yes, there were shootings in my old neighborhood,

There were fights in my old neighborhood,

Hopefully, this neighbor isn’t like the gangsters in my old neighborhood,

Left a bad neighborhood in order to feel safe in a better neighborhood,

All that’s left to do is hope that this neighbor doesn’t trespass again in order to remain a peaceful neighborhood.