Using Body (Poem)

It felt like the company was going to hire me,

Then she came in and used her body,

It’s because she used her body that the company rejected me,

I didn’t use my body,

It’s disappointing that the company didn’t choose me.


I could see that she was lazy,

I could see that she lacked creativity,

The company didn’t care that she was lazy,

The company didn’t care that she lacked creativity,

The company just cared about her body and not that she lacked creativity or that she was lazy.


So, I’m back to looking for another job,

I’m back to stressing as I keep waiting to get hired,

Yet I know now that I won’t ever be able to beat those who use their body to get the job,

All I can do is hope that one day there’s a company who’ll finally say, “You’re hired,”

Perhaps then I’ll say, “I love this job.”

Light In (Poem)

Our world began to crumble when you walked through our door,

You walked in darkness and brought it with you,

We shouldn’t have let you walk through our door,

Yet we wanted to help you,

Our kindness didn’t let us see what was walking through our door.


You stated that others argued because of you,

We understood why when we started to live with you,

You put the blame on others and not you,

You even said it was demons and not you,

In the end, we realized we couldn’t help you.


It’s interesting how you always opened the curtains to let light in,

Yet our house felt so dark when you were in it,

You were bringing darkness in,

It felt like we all wanted to die while you were in it,

So, I decided I didn’t want to ever let you in.


You left and the light was finally let in,

We don’t even need to open the curtains,

Our house finally feels like there’s so much light being let in,

Yet you don’t even realize that you’ll continue to be in darkness even with the opened curtains,

You can’t even see that you’re the one that doesn’t really want to let light in.

Goodbye Stress (Poem)

Are you here to bring me stress?

Sorry, I’m not that nice,

I say goodbye to people who bring stress,

I don’t care if you don’t think I’m nice,

You aren’t nice for wanting to give me stress.


Stress comes when you have bad intentions,

Stress comes when you are inconsiderate,

Sorry, I don’t accept anyone with bad intentions,

Sorry, I don’t accept anyone who is inconsiderate,

You must be considerate and have good intentions.


Truthfully, I learned from my past,

I learned that I rather enjoy my life,

I don’t want to cry like my past,

I want a  happy life,

So, those who aren’t good for me will remain in the past.

In-Law (Poem)

Living with an in-law was a mistake,

The in-law interferes,

I learned from my mistake,

I despise when the in-law interferes,

I won’t ever make the same mistake.


I dislike my in-law,

My in-law dislikes me,

I wish I never met my in-law,

I dislike people who make life hard for me,

I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to live with my in-law.


The in-law judges my phobia,

Yet she can’t admit that her Satan talk is a mental illness,

I don’t need people who judge my phobia,

I hope one day she focuses on her own mental illness,

After all, I found a way to have a successful life with my phobia.


Evil Sibling (Poem)

She’s an evil sibling,

She’s trying to separate her brother and me,

She’s a selfish sibling,

She wants to get rid of me,

Karma will eventually get this evil sibling.


People pay a price when they interfere in a marriage,

She plays the victim and her brother falls for it,

I see what she’s doing to our marriage,

I won’t fall for it,

Yes, she’s truly an evil sibling for trying to separate our marriage.


I almost gave up on my marriage because of her,

Then I prayed and got the courage to fight,

It’s now a fight between me and her,

I won’t give up on this fight,

I won’t give up on this marriage because of her.

House (Poem)

My house no longer feels like my house,

I can’t breathe,

I want to get out of this house,

I need to breathe,

It’s getting harder to live in this house.


Told what not to do in my house,

Feeling like I had enough,

I dislike being told what not to do in my house,

Constantly saying that “I had enough,”

I feel like I need to leave this house.


My heart breaks at the thought of leaving this house,

I’m making another comfortable and making myself uncomfortable,

This house feels like someone else’s house,

I’m so uncomfortable,

I guess this house wasn’t always meant to be my house.

Calling You (Poem)


I’m calling you,


Don’t listen as I continue to call you,

It isn’t the right time to go to heaven.


I want to end it all,

Please don’t listen when I say, “Take me to heaven,”

I want a better solution to all,

There’s still the belief that the solution isn’t heaven,

Ignore me when I say that I want to end it all.


Heaven is eventually where I’ll go,

For now, I’m fighting not to go to heaven when I say I want to end it all,

I’m begging my own demons to let me go,

I’m fighting to not listen to “let’s end it all,”

For now, I’m fighting not to go.