Her (Poem)

She’s beautiful,

I won’t put myself down because you chose her,

I won’t say I’m not beautiful,

I won’t hate my looks because you chose her,

I’m beautiful even if you no longer agree that I’m beautiful.


She seems like a nice woman,

Perhaps I wasn’t always a nice woman,

Did you even stop to think that you might be the reason it was hard to be a nice woman?

I never wanted to be a cruel woman,

Will she always be a nice woman?


Still I won’t hate who I am because you no longer love me,

I won’t wish I was like her just so you can love me,

I love me,

I want someone to love me for who I choose to be,

That’s why it’s better that you chose her instead of me.


Warning (Poem)

Boy, I’m a woman,

You can’t fool me,

I’ll always find out if there’s another woman,

Don’t lie to me,

You might just see the true temper of a woman.


I might pretend everything is great between you and me,

That’s just a disguise boy,

I’m trying to decide if I should get revenge for what you’ve been doing to me,

Or should I say “Whatever” and walk away from you boy?

Should I sink low like you for what you have done to me?


Boy, I’m already screaming in anger,

I’m already breaking things in anger,

I have too much anger,

I don’t know how to control this anger,

Tell me, what should I do with this anger?


I guess I’ll give you a warning that you don’t deserve,

Dear Boy, you better run because you’ll see my fury if you stick around,

I’ll make you pay for doing things to me that I didn’t deserve,

So don’t ever think about coming back around,

I might give you what you truly deserve.

Cheater (Poem)

Don’t fight for a cheater,

Let go of the cheater,

It’s okay to cry for a cheater,

Just don’t destroy yourself because of a cheater,

Instead a beautiful soul should always say, “Bye bye cheater.”


Walking away opens the door to a faithful lover,

Walking away opens the door to a beautiful love,

Close the door to the unfaithful lover,

Smile wide to the beautiful love,

Don’t settle for that unfaithful lover.


Years of tears because of a cheater isn’t worth it,

Years of smiles because of a faithful love is worth it,

You just have to believe that you are worth it,

You just have to believe that you deserve it,

After all, you were meant to be treated like royalty.