Desperate Love (Poem)

Love was like an addiction,

I felt like I needed it like a drug,

I was struggling with withdrawal symptoms caused by the addiction,

I desperately wanted the drug,

Yet I survived years without that drug.


“I want it” my mind said,

“I want it” my body said,

“You’ve been hurt by love” my mind also said,

“You’ve been hurt by love” my body also said,

I overcame my desperate need for love by listening to the hurt that was said.


I lost the desperation that attracted the cruel men,

I began to have the “I don’t want just any man” vibe,

I lost the loneliness that attracted the cruel men,

I began to have the “You can’t fool me” vibe,

I began to have control of myself and didn’t allow myself to give power to the cruel men.


No, there’s nothing wrong with wanting love,

The problem is when it become desperation,

The problem is when you let the hurtful people in because you want love,

The problem is when you become blinded because of desperation,

Thus, you must learn not to become desperate for love.


Sex Without Walls (Poem)

He went inside of me and fear took over,

The fear of sex wasn’t over,

Still he didn’t make fun of me when it was over,

He didn’t say it’s over,

He stayed until the fear was over.


We make love now without my walls,

I’m not hating myself after we stop making love,

I’m not zoning out and letting myself build walls,

I’m experiencing every wonderful feeling as we make love,

It’s the first that I ever made love without walls.


The first time I didn’t put walls I thought, “Wow I never knew making love could feel this way,”

Then I felt like crying,

I felt like I had been making love the wrong way,

My soul was silently crying,

M soul was finally happy because I finally made love the right way.

Love Welcomes A Hello (Poem)

Our love makes us approachable,

We welcome every hello,

We don’t mind that we’re approachable,

We don’t mind a hello,

We had to go through a lot in order to become approachable.


We don’t let our past make us cruel,

We let our love turn us into caring people,

We don’t want to be cruel,

We rather be caring people,

It’s always nice to see a smile from others because we weren’t cruel.


So we walk towards our destination,

We enjoy our walks together,

We return every hello when others take time to say hello to us while heading to their own destination,

Then we keep walking together,

We’ll keep saying hello to those who say hello in our future destination.

Love In A Better World (Poem)

Let’s walk away from those who are cruel to either of us,

We don’t need cruel people in our life,

Let’s be thankful to those who are nice to us,

We should be thankful that they aren’t giving us a hard life,

Remember love we should protect us.


Love, you and I were meant to be nice to others,

Yet you and I shouldn’t put up with people who aren’t nice to us,

It’s okay if we lose others,

It’s okay if all we have left is us,

Remember love we come first instead of others.


Love in time we’ll help others together,

Thus, we shouldn’t make time for others who want to destroy us,

We shouldn’t make time for those who don’t want to see us together,

We should only make time for those who support us,

It’s those people who’ll we repay together.


After all love, we choose what type of people to let in our world,

It’s our world,

We choose who to take care of in our world,

Let’s make our world a better world,

Thus, we’ll reject those who don’t want a better world and accept those who also want a better world.

Countdown to Goodbye (Poem)

There was a countdown timer with past relationships,

There’s no countdown with my current relationship,

There was a goodbye from the moment it started with past relationships,

There’s a feeling with forever with my current relationship,

I’m so thankful that my current relationship isn’t like past relationships.


I was so tired of the countdown,

I was so tired of the goodbye,

That’s why I say, “Thank you love for not starting a countdown,”

That’s why I say, “Thank you love for not saying goodbye,”

A relationship is a blessing without a goodbye and a countdown.


Loving Race Joke (Poem)

I make fun of him because he’s Asian,

I joke around about my own race,

I love him even if he’s Asian,

I love my own race,

Yet he says don’t joke around like that in front of another Asian.


This is a world where we have to be careful of race jokes,

People can get angry about race jokes,

People can get hurt because of race jokes,

There can be a fight because or race jokes,

There can be a war because of race jokes.


I say, “I want to adopt kids of different race,”

I want our family to understand each race,

I want us to love each other no matter our race,

Perhaps we might even joke about our race,

I want us all to be proud of our race.

Nice To Me In Sickness (Poem)

He held my hand while my attacks hit,

Why are you being nice to me?

Why are you staying when my attacks hit?

This feels like a dream for me,

Nobody ever tried to comfort me when my attacks hit.


How can a man be nice?

I wanted to cry,

I don’t understand how a man can be nice,

I did my best not to cry,

No man has ever truly been that nice to me.


I always felt so alone when my attacks hit,

How can a man truly care about me?

How can a man still love me even after my attack symptoms hit?

I don’t understand how a man can be nice to me,

He’s showing me a different way of being treated when my attacks hit.


He’s showing me that not everyone is mean to you in sickness,

It makes me want to cry because he’s not mistreating me in sickness,

There’s still love in his eyes for me even after sickness,

He’s still happy with me even after sickness,

What did I do right in order to find a man who still loves me and stays with me even in sickness?