Disguise (Poem)

An assumption that he was kind-hearted,

Never would’ve guessed the truth from the first meeting,

His visual said he was kind-hearted,

Would’ve immediately walked away if I could’ve seen the truth in the first meeting,

It’s sad that it can be so easy to pretend to be kind-hearted.


His words weren’t harmful when we first met,

I wanted to believe that he was a good person,

He only used nice words when we first met,

Sadly a bad person knows how to pretend to be a good person,

I would’ve walked away if I had known the truth when we first met.


It would’ve been great if had know how to see through the disguise,

Yet I didn’t know,

I let myself get fooled by the disguise,

Now I know,

I learned that this world has so many people who wear a disguise.

Best For Me (Poem)


We met,


Is it good that we met?

Should it be a goodbye instead of a hello?


I wish we don’t meet if you aren’t good for me,

Yet destiny is the one that brings us to each others life,

Let’s no talk for long if you aren’t good for me,

I’m not interested in welcoming anyone who isn’t good for my life,

Sorry but my life is all about me.


I don’t wish to give a lot of time to anyone who wants to hurt me,

Having a hard life doesn’t mean I’ll let you hurt me,

I’ll wish you a better life as I distance you from me,

Sorry, but I got to choose what’s best for me,

Good people with good intentions are the only people who are best for me.

Truly Wonderful (Poem)

True love is truly wonderful,

He doesn’t break my heart,

He is truly wonderful,

There aren’t any cracks on my heart,

I’m blessed to have found someone wonderful.


I haven’t kneeled and cried from a heartache,

He proved that true love doesn’t make you sob,

He proved that true love doesn’t give you heartache,

My soul feels calm because he doesn’t make me sob,

My soul feels calm because he hasn’t given me a heartache.


All I asked is that he remains faithful,

All I asked is that he doesn’t become abusive,

He continues to prove that a man can be faithful,

He continues to prove that not all men are abusive,

Thus, I now say “Not all men are abusive and there are men who can remain faithful.”

The Good and The Terrible (Poem)

Drugs and alcohol are his love,

A crazy fool who hit his wife,

A crazy fool who got lucky with love,

A crazy fool who doesn’t deserve his wife,

A crazy fool that can’t give up on either love.


Years later he took out a knife on his wife,

He is an addict that doesn’t know how lucky he is,

He is an addict that could’ve killed his wife,

He is a jerk is what he is,

He is a jerk that doesn’t deserve his wife.


He is someone who made me believe that all men hit women,

He and his father are someone who made me hate men,

He and his father are men who don’t deserve good women,

Sadly, there are some good women who stay with terrible men,

All I can do is hope that good women leave the terrible men and meet a man that knows how to respect women.


What Were We (Poem)

I was someone you didn’t love,

What exactly were we?

I was your lover who you felt didn’t deserve your love,

What were we?

We were humans seeking the right kind of love.


I am your forgotten memory,

You are a memory that makes me appreciate my true love,

We are just a memory,

You are a memory that thought me what is love and what isn’t love,

Most of all, you are no longer a painful memory.


You are a stranger who I wouldn’t recognize on the street,

Your face I don’t remember,

Perhaps you also won’t recognize me on the street,

Perhaps I’m someone you no longer remember,

The question is, “Isn’t life better for us if we don’t recognize each other on the street?”

Chest (Poem)

Why can a man go without a shirt in public?

Is it because women don’t stare?

Why can’t a woman go without a shirt in public?

Is it because men disrespect or stare?

Why are there different rules for men and women when they go in public?


A man’s chest doesn’t look like a woman’s chest,

Is it right to judge a woman for showing her chest?

Why not judge a man for showing his chest?

Is it the woman’s fault for having a bigger chest?

What if a woman’s chest was like a man’s chest?


Why are some women jealous of another woman’s chest?

Why do some women have to be cruel to another woman for having a different chest?

Perhaps some women get jealous because the one they’re dating is looking at another woman’s chest,

Why not break up with a man who makes you feel insecure about your chest?

Yes, there’s a man who’ll prefer only your chest.




My Dogs (Poem)

To adopt a dog or not,

A dog’s life is short,

To adopt a dog or not,

I don’t like the thought that a dog’s life is short,

So, should I adopt a dog or not?


I decided to adopt my dogs,

I realized that I should focus on giving them a good life,

I’m glad I rescued my dogs,

My dogs have given me a good life,

I’m so blessed to have my dogs.


My dogs had a hard life before I rescued them,

It’s possible that they were mistreated,

The animal shelter wasn’t for them,

They needed a better home after being mistreated,

I’m glad that I was able to adopt them.


My dogs were there when no one was there,

My dogs loved me when I felt no one loved me,

I’m so grateful my dogs were there,

I saved my dogs and they saved me,

Yes, life would’ve been so much harder if my dogs weren’t there.