You’re Hurt (Poem)

Admit when you’re hurt,

Don’t hurt others to hide the hurt,

Hurting others won’t remove the hurt,

Hurting others won’t give you the comfort that you want when you’re hurt,

Hurting others means you’ll continue to hurt.


You don’t like when others hurt you,

Why hurt others if you don’t like it when it’s done to you?

What happens if this person gets comforted by someone else after getting hurt by you?

Who is there to comfort you?

After all, who wants to stay by your side and get hurt by you?


No one wants to get hurt,

Some might endure the pain temporarily,

Yet no one truly wants a forever hurt,

So, do you want a temporary hurt or a person that stays temporarily?

To let go of the hurt can sometimes mean that you’ll find that person that will choose forever instead of staying temporarily.


Her Insecurity (Poem)

I’m sad that your life is that way,

You’re my niece and nephew,

Your mother wants it that way,

I can’t help you even if you’re my niece and nephew,

I’m sorry that your life has to be that way.


I want the best for you,

Your mother never learned how to love herself,

Her insecurity is what’s doing this to you,

I don’t know if she’ll ever learn to love herself,

I wish she would learn to think about you.


Divorce (Poem)

I hear people get divorced,

I know that our love story can change,

People divorce when they are meant to get divorced,

A love story changes because it’s meant to change,

Being in love one minute doesn’t mean you won’t get divorced.


I fear the word “divorce,”

Thus, I constantly bring up the word that I’m afraid of,

I work on trying to remove the negative feeling that I associated with the word “divorce,”

Yet it still continues to be a word that I’m afraid of,

I fear it because the painful ending is what I’ve attached to the word “divorce.”


Yes, I’ve been through so many bad endings,

Yet no end ever helps you with another ending,

Someone always gets hurt with bad endings,

Usually, I’m the one that gets hurt the most with an ending,

Hopefully, our marriage is forever and not another relationship that is added to the bad endings.



Dreamed (Poem)

I dreamed of marriage,

I got depressed when a relationship didn’t turn into a marriage,

He didn’t dream of marriage,

I asked for marriage,

Our relationship turned into marriage.


Marriage has been hard for me,

Marriage hasn’t been hard for him,

I struggled because of me,

I didn’t struggle because of him,

It’s my own demons that made it hard for me.


He asks, “Why did we even get married?”

I don’t always know the right answer,

All I know is that deep down we were meant to be married,

We are what each other needs is the answer,

We are married because we want to be married.


The Good (Poem)

I don’t deserve this,

This is my destiny,

I didn’t want this,

This is my destiny,

I must learn to see the good in this.


There is light in this path,

I need to stop being blinded,

I must not learn to hate this path,

My negative thinking is what is going to keep me blinded,

I need to find a way to love this path.


So I’ll learn to listen and see the good,

Yes, there is good,

I’ll learn to zone out what isn’t good,

Yes, there is good,

Most of all, I’ll convince myself that this life is good.

Doctor (Poem)


Painful stomach,

Disappointments are causing stress,

Rejections are causing pain in my stomach,

Unable to accept is the cause of stress.


A doctors appointment is worrying me,

I can blame people for my stress,

Yet blame isn’t going to help me,

My own thoughts are adding to the stress,

All this is hard for me.


I don’t know what the doctor is going to say,

Worrying that it might be bad news,

People are slowly killing me with what they say,

I’m letting their actions turn into bad news,

I need to learn how to stop caring about what others say.

Both Feel (Poem)

Pain unites us,

We both understand the feeling,

Depression unites us,

We both understand the feeling,

We both feel alone and don’t feel like us.


I have my struggles,

You have your struggles,

We both have struggles,

We’re both trying to overcome our struggles,

We’re both feeling like we’re alone in our struggles.


I don’t hear you,

You don’t hear me,

I don’t hear the positive words from you,

You don’t hear the positive words from me,

I only hear me and you only hear you.


We are similar in many ways,

We’re similar that we’re both fighters,

We both continue to find our ways,

Choosing to stay alive during our struggles makes us fighters,

So let’s believe that we’ll both find the solution even if we go our separate ways.