Credit (Poem)

You’re trying to take credit for my hard work,

I’m going unheard,

No one is hearing, “This is my hard work,”

I feel like I’m losing as I continue to get unheard,

I’m so frustrated to know that someone is getting credit for my work.


I hardly sleep as I work hard,

My body and my mind are tired,

How am I supposed to accept that someone is getting credit when I’m the one that worked hard?

She isn’t tired,

I’m the one that worked so hard.


I wish I knew what I’m supposed to do,

Yet all I could do is feel the stress build inside me,

All I could do is watch someone take credit for what I do,

She’s living without stress because of me.

It’s so unfair that someone is living an easier life because she’s taking credit for I do.


I guess for now I can only brainstorm,

Perhaps I’ll find a solution,

Perhaps I’ll find a way to prove that I’m the one that did the hard work after the brainstorm,

I just know that I’m not ready to give up on finding a solution,

Thus, I’ll continue to brainstorm.



This (Poem)

I’ve never been loved like this,

How is love like this possible?

I’ve never been happy like this,

How is happiness like this possible?

What did I do to deserve a love and happiness like this?


I lost myself in a bad path,

How could I still end up blessed?

Was it all the times that I prayed to get out of that bad path?

Is that why I’ve been blessed?

I’m truly thankful that I’m now walking in a good path.


I wish this love was felt by many,

Why can’t everyone find that match that truly loves them?

I wish this happiness was felt by many,

Why can’t happiness like this be felt by them?

Maybe one day love and happiness like this would be felt by many.