Best (Poem)

Do your best to treat me right,

Always try to be open with how you’re feeling,

I’ll do my best to treat you right,

I’ll always try to be open with how I’m feeling,

Let’s get this love story right.


Always be faithful,

Don’t talk to women I don’t like,

I’ll always be faithful,

I won’t talk to men you don’t like,

Let’s choose not to let our beautiful love story get destroyed by being unfaithful.


I know there might be moments we might make each other sad,

There’s no such thing as a relationship without problems,

Let’s promise we’ll make each other smile if we make each other sad,

Let’s work hard to overcome the problems,

Let’s do our best not to stay sad.


Let’s do our best to always be loving,

Let’s do our best not to hold back our love,

You and I deserve each other’s loving,

Let’s keep falling in love,

Let’s our love shine with our loving.

Taken (Poem)

I was taken,

I felt alone,

I wondered, “Why do I feel alone if I’m taken?”

I wondered, “Why do I feel like I’m  facing the world alone?”

I shouldn’t have felt so alone when I was taken.


Being taken should’ve made me happy,

Instead I was always crying alone,

It always felt like he never cared if I was happy,

Yet I was afraid to leave and end up truly alone,

I stayed even though I wasn’t happy.


I should’ve seen that I felt more alone when I was taken,

I should’ve seen that I had been okay all the times I was single,

I should’ve seen that I was crying more while I was taken,

I should’ve seen that it wasn’t a bad thing to be single,

I had many misconceptions of being single and taken.


Thankfully, destiny had me going back to single,

Thankfully, destiny showed me all the misconceptions that I was having,

Thankfully, destiny helped me be okay single,

Thankfully, destiny helped me let go of the fears I was having,

Thankfully, destiny made me strong while learning to smile and overcoming the fears I was having.


Match (Poem)

I wished for you,

I prayed for you,

Where were you?

I felt so alone without you,

It was hard waiting for you.


Were you standing under the moon at the same time as I?

Were you standing under the stars at the same time as I?

Were you standing under the sun at the same time as I?

Were you standing under the sky at the same time as I?

Were you feeling the same wind as I?


We were so close,

Yet time said, “It isn’t time to meet,”

We needed to change in order to get close,

We needed to be what each other needed when it was time to meet,

Still destiny kept us close.


We feel like a perfect match,

We like each other as we are,

Change won’t stop us from being a perfect match,

We would like each other no matter how we are,

After all, it was destiny that made us into a perfect match.

Cheater (Poem)

Don’t fight for a cheater,

Let go of the cheater,

It’s okay to cry for a cheater,

Just don’t destroy yourself because of a cheater,

Instead a beautiful soul should always say, “Bye bye cheater.”


Walking away opens the door to a faithful lover,

Walking away opens the door to a beautiful love,

Close the door to the unfaithful lover,

Smile wide to the beautiful love,

Don’t settle for that unfaithful lover.


Years of tears because of a cheater isn’t worth it,

Years of smiles because of a faithful love is worth it,

You just have to believe that you are worth it,

You just have to believe that you deserve it,

After all, you were meant to be treated like royalty.


Love (Poem)

There’s no illusion when I love you,

There’s no pretending everything is perfect,

I’m loving the real you,

I’m not wishing for everything to be perfect,

All I care about is being with you.


We will have a bumpy ride,

Who says we have to hate it?

Why not enjoy every part of the ride?

It might help us make it,

So come on love let’s ride.


I don’t want to be without you,

I don’t want you to be without me,

I won’t handcuff you,

I’ll just ask you, “Will you please stay with me?”

I won’t ever force you to stay with me.


Yes, I truly love you,

I feel you love me too,

I hope you always feel the love I have for you,

I hope I always feel it too,

After all, you are the only one for me.

Damage (Poem)

No amount of “I’m sorry’s” could’ve undone the damage I caused,

I should’ve treated you better,

No amount of “I’m sorry’s” could’ve undone the damage you caused,

You should’ve treated me better,

Glad we didn’t do better.


We damaged each other and left,

There was no love in the end,

Glad we both left,

Glad our love came to an end,

We weren’t right for each other.


I learned from our emotional abuse,

I learned I didn’t want another abusive relationship,

I learned that I didn’t want to damage another with emotional abuse,

Thank you for mistreating me in our relationship,

I’m now happy because I learned from all that abuse.


Still I wish time would heal any damage I caused,

I don’t wish any bad even after all you’ve done,

You took me towards the one in my life because of the damage that was caused,

I thank you for all the bad and good that you’ve done,

You are someone I don’t ever want to see again because of all the damage you caused.


Let’s live happily ever after we our new loves,

Let’s wish each other the best,

Let’s do our best to be nice to our new loves,

I think we all deserve the best,

We all deserve to be truly loved.

Tiptoed (Poem)

Shh my soul said,

The wrong word might cause him to leave,

My heart stopped with what I said,

I waited for his response and wondered if he was going to leave,

Over and over I felt I had to watch what I say.


Tiptoed with love,

Always trying to be careful of the love that felt so fragile like glass,

I tried to hold on tightly to love,

Yet I was never happy with love that was like glass,

I was too stressed because of that love.


Eventually that lover walked away,

Eventually the glass broke,

All I could do was watch him walk away,

All I could do is cry over the love that broke,

Yet time made me thankful he walked away.

Spanish Translation: Puntillas (Poema)

Puntillas (Poema)

Shh, dijo mi alma,

La palabra equivocada puede causar que se vaya,

Mi corazón se detuvo con lo que dije,

Esperé por su respuesta y me pregunte si se iba a ir,

Una y otra vez sentí que tenía que tener cuidado con lo que digo.


Puntillas con amor,

Siempre tratando de tener cuidado con el amor que sentía tan frágil como el cristal,

Traté de aferarme firmemente al amor,

Sin embargo, yo nunca fui feliz con amor que era como el cristal,

Yo estaba demasiada estresada debido a que el amor.


Con el tiempo el amante se alejó,

Finalmente, el vidrio se rompió,

Todo lo que podía hacer era verlo alejarse,

Lo único que pude hacer es llorar por el amor que se rompió,

Sin embargo, el tiempo me hizo agradecer que se alejo.


English Translation: Tiptoed (Poem)