Sex Without Walls (Poem)

He went inside of me and fear took over,

The fear of sex wasn’t over,

Still he didn’t make fun of me when it was over,

He didn’t say it’s over,

He stayed until the fear was over.


We make love now without my walls,

I’m not hating myself after we stop making love,

I’m not zoning out and letting myself build walls,

I’m experiencing every wonderful feeling as we make love,

It’s the first that I ever made love without walls.


The first time I didn’t put walls I thought, “Wow I never knew making love could feel this way,”

Then I felt like crying,

I felt like I had been making love the wrong way,

My soul was silently crying,

M soul was finally happy because I finally made love the right way.

Tiptoed (Poem)

Shh my soul said,

The wrong word might cause him to leave,

My heart stopped with what I said,

I waited for his response and wondered if he was going to leave,

Over and over I felt I had to watch what I say.


Tiptoed with love,

Always trying to be careful of the love that felt so fragile like glass,

I tried to hold on tightly to love,

Yet I was never happy with love that was like glass,

I was too stressed because of that love.


Eventually that lover walked away,

Eventually the glass broke,

All I could do was watch him walk away,

All I could do is cry over the love that broke,

Yet time made me thankful he walked away.

Spanish Translation: Puntillas (Poema)