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Best For You (Poem)

To love a man?

To be alone?

Is it better to love  a man?

Is it better to be alone?

We all have the choice when it comes to being alone or loving a man.


I’ve cried while I was alone,

I’ve cried while I was with a man,

There was heartache when I was alone,

There was heartache when I was with a man,

Yes, there’s going to be heartache while with a man or alone.


I’ve also felt happiness while I was alone,

I’ve also felt happiness while with a man,

It wasn’t always bad while I was alone,

It wasn’t always bad while I was with a man,

Thus, happiness can be found while you’re with a man or alone.


So the answer to the question really depends on you,

It’s up to you to decide,

You’re the only one who truly knows you,

So don’t let others decide,

Choose what you feel is best for you.

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When I’m Gone (Poem)

Sadness won’t appear when I’m gone,

His logical mind will help him move on,

My heart hurts as I think how quickly he can move on if I’m gone,

The words, “this isn’t fair,” replay as I think how I’ll feel if he moves on,

I think about how depression will hit me hard if he’s gone.


It makes me want to yank my own heart out,

Makes me want to become logical instead of an emotional woman,

Yet I can’t yank my heart out,

I’ll still be an emotional woman,

I’ll still be the woman who’ll love deeply because I can’t yank my heart out.


Yes, sometimes it’s so damn hard being a woman,

It’s so hard because it isn’t easy to love a man more,

Yet it’s the love that we women feel towards a man that turns us into a strong woman,

We women become stronger as we yearn for more,

That’s what happens when some women fall in love with a man.

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Wedding Ring (Poem)

His eyes follow,

There’s no wedding ring on my finger,

I ignore as I feel his eyes follow,

My voice is used to say “I’m married” and not a wedding ring on my finger,

I make it clear I’m not interested even if his eyes follow.


However, there are some with a wedding ring,

Yet they act like they are single,

Thus, someone who truly cares about their marriage doesn’t need a ring,

All they need is their voice to say “I’m not single,”

That’s why I say “I don’t need a wedding ring.”

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Speaking (Poem)

Fear stopped me from speaking,

Fear that I might lose him,

Yet I still lost him even without speaking,

Still I learned by losing him,

Learned not to stop speaking.


My words flow as I remember those that I have lost,

Others say don’t speak,

Yet I keep speaking because of each one that I lost,

I don’t listen to others who say don’t speak,

I don’t listen because I overcame each pain that came when I lost.


Others say I’m going to end up alone,

I say “I rather be me,”

I’ll be me even if I end up alone,

After all, I rather be with someone who wants to listen to me,

Yet deep inside I know I’ll be okay if I end up alone.

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Use Me (Poem)

Come on boy you can use me,

My own insecurity lowered my worth,

I hated me,

I allowed others to choose a low worth,

I only had myself to blame.


Why boy?

I played the pitiful and pathetic woman,

Then I said “If I were a boy,”

Not realizing that it wasn’t about being a boy or woman,

It was about the permission that I gave the boy.


My vibe said “Boy you have permission to mistreat me,”

It was “Boy I don’t even think I’m good enough,”

When it should have been “Boy you aren’t good enough for me,”

I allowed he and I to agree that I wasn’t good enough,

That’s why I have myself to blame for how other’s treated me.

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Success in My Room (Poem)

Stuck in my room,

The illness made success difficult,

Yet success wasn’t impossible in my room,

I found a way to succeed even though it was difficult,

Yes, I achieved success in my room.


I completed an Associate Degree,

I completed another Associate Degree,

I completed a Bachelor Degree,

I completed a Master Degree,

Now I’m headed towards the Doctorate Degree.


All my degrees were completed online,

I even met my true love online,

I even found my job online,

Yes, I was succeeding online,

Most of all, I slowly stopped feeling stuck because of online.

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Age and Love (Poem)

Don’t let age stop you,

Go on and keep searching for your true love,

Settling isn’t good for you,

Age shouldn’t be the reason that you gave up in finding the right love,

Believe that your true love is also searching for you.


Don’t keep waking up to someone who makes you bitter,

Love should make you smile more,

Love shouldn’t make you more and more bitter,

So go on and don’t give up on the search for someone who makes you smile more,

Don’t keep making the wrong love and you bitter.


Yes, age can make some say “Why should I believe I’ll find true love when I never found it before?”

It’s that type of thinking that can make some settle,

They’re also the ones that keep increasing the heartache from before,

They’re the ones who never really let their hearts heal because they chose to settle,

They gave up on true love and let themselves get trapped in a loveless relationship because of what happened before.

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Finally Graduated (Poem)

My graduation journey wasn’t easy,

The professors were sometimes obstacles,

No, getting a passing grade wasn’t easy,

Yet I fought to overcome those obstacles,

I argued with professors even though it wasn’t easy.


There were moments when sadness took over because of professors,

It was frustrating dealing with some professors,

There were moments when I thought I wasn’t going to pass because of the professors,

There were moments when it felt money was more important than the students with some professors,

Still I didn’t give up because of the professors.


I stayed up late because of assignments,

I worked and I went to school,

It wasn’t easy to juggle work and assignments,

Yet I didn’t give up on work and school,

I dealt with the stress and worked hard on work and assignments.


In the end, I became proud,

My graduation date finally arrived,

Working hard made me proud,

Working hard allowed me to see the graduation date that has arrived,

Now I stand and say “I finally graduated and I’m so damn proud!”

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The Door of Journey (Poem)

There was joy when the journey began,

Obstacles couldn’t vanquish the joy,

Yet towards the end it became hard to feel the joy I felt when it all began,

It became about escaping the journey that once gave me joy,

It’s my desperation to escape that has now made it hard to feel the joy of when it began.


It’s my desperation  to escape that led me to close doors,

I tried to push my way out,

Yet it was so hard to open the closed doors,

Depression hit me because I couldn’t get out,

I almost gave up because of the closed doors.


Then one day the door began to open,

It was because I kept on fighting to get out,

It was because the door was meant to open,

The right time will get you out,

Now I’m saying goodbye to the old journey and heading to the new journey that is open.

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Today I Fell In Love With Him (Poem )

I meant to fall in love,

There was no holding back,

There was no fear when it came to love,

I knew he wouldn’t hold back,

I knew I could trust our love.


It went “hey you, I love you,”

He looked at me without saying I love you,

There was no fear that he was going to say “I don’t love you,”

Thus, I said “I’m going to get mad if you don’t say I love you,”

That made him laugh as he said “I love you.”


Yes, I made the right choice when it came to loving him,

There’s no wondering if he loves me,

I can just ask him,

I ask him all the time because I know deep down he won’t say that he doesn’t love me,

That’s why today I fell in love with him.