Break Me (Poem)

I was bullied,

What did I learn?

I learn that I can survive when I’m bullied,

It was a painful way to learn,

It truly hurts to get bullied.


I was emotionally abused by lovers,

What did I learn?

I learned that I can walk away from lovers,

It was a painful way to learn,

It truly hurts to get emotionally abused by lovers.


I was hit over and over,

What did I learn?

I learned that I certain hits don’t kill you when it’s over,

It was truly hard to learn,

I was glad it was over.


What did life teach me?

Emotional and physical abuse didn’t kill me,

I kept surviving even when others tried to break me,

Yes, I ended up crying over and over because of what kept happening to me,

Yet it’s my past that proves that “I won’t ever let anyone break me.”

Student vs. Student (Poem)

There's a student,
There's another student,
It's a student vs. student?
No, there's no vs. when it comes to a student,
​It's all about passing each student.

Don't have ONE favorite student,
Students shouldn't be there to feel another is smarter,
A proper education means all can be an "A" student,
It's the teacher's job to determine how ALL can become smarter,
So make it clear that they all have the ability to become a smart student.

Manipulator (Poem)

Suicide is a drug that gets so tempting,

A drug that says “I’ll end it all for you,”

In the hardships, it’s so tempting,

It calls and calls you,

It’s so hard to walk away when it’s so tempting.


Hard to see or hear the surroundings,

Too exhausted to see or listen,

Thus, I call suicide the best manipulator because it zones out your surroundings,

The manipulator tricks you and makes it hard to see or listen,

That’s why in the hardships you must work harder to see your surroundings.


If you listen, you might hear the answer that helps you overcome,

If you see, you might see the answer that helps you overcome,

The manipulator makes you believe you can’t overcome,

Your surroundings show you that can overcome,

Most of all, paying attention to your surroundings is also how you tell yourself you can overcome.

Please Life (Poem)

Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’ll say goodbye to people,

I just don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I don’t want those people,

I want you.


Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’m tired of the illness,

I’m not tired of you,

I’ll do my best to overcome this illness,

Please don’t make it so hard that I want to give up on you.


Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’ll overcome this situation,

I just need to hold on to you,

I’ll hold on to you even if it’s so hard in this situation,

But please help me while I’m doing my best to hold on to you.

Comfort (Poem)

In marriage tears also fall,

His arms aren’t always there to comfort you,

He isn’t always there to catch you when you fall,

Yes, a husband can also hurt and disappoint you,

“I do” didn’t mean I’ll always be there when you fall.


How do I know?

During my hardship I said “leave, it’s better for us to be alone,”

This is how I know,

He left the house and left me alone,

This is how I know.


So here I am crying because I’m alone while life feels hard,

Yes, I said leave,

Yet who actually wants to be alone when life is hard?

So why did he leave?

He left because he also says life is hard.


You see there are times when we aren’t each other’s comfort,

Eventually, we stop needing each other,

Endings sometimes happen the less we turn each other for comfort,

Yet you can’t hold on when you aren’t meant to be with each other,

Thus, for now, we’ll be together until we no longer need each other for comfort.

Full-Time (Poem)

For years I hope to get a full-time job,

Finally got hired,

It felt like a perfect job,

I didn’t know the issue that would arise after I got hired,

The issue arose after I moved from part-time to full-time job.


A woman who acts like a manager,

Yet she is the same position as me,

Thinks years in the position makes her a manager,

Yet in doesn’t change the fact she’s in the same position as me,

I’m thankful she isn’t a manager.


I didn’t respond to her when she spoke to me,

I was busy working that chatting wasn’t important,

I didn’t even know she was talking to me,

Yet she felt she was important,

So my lack of response resulted in her talking shit about me.


Perhaps I might get fired because of her,

Yet there’s nothing I can do,

I don’t have years of experience in the company like her,

That’s why I feel there’s nothing I can do,

Sad how years of hoping for a full-time shattered all because of her.

Job That I Hate (Poem)

My husband says I can quit my job,

He doesn’t want me to be unhappy,

Yet I don’t want to quit my job,

Quitting makes me more unhappy,

I want the money that comes from that job.


I don’t want to rely on my husband’s paycheck,

I didn’t work so damn hard to rely on my husband,

I want my own paycheck,

I don’t want to be that woman that take her husbands money,

I want to be able to support myself with my own paycheck.


Thus, I stay in a job that I hate,

My husband has his own money,

I get my own money with the job I hate,

It’s a good feeling not to have to rely on my husband for money,

That’s why I’ll keep doing a job that I hate.

Better Job (Poem)

Exhaustion caused me to get on my knees,

In a prayer I said “I’m so tired of this job,”

Hopelessness made me feel that all I could do was get on my knees,

All I could do was pray for a better job,

All I could was hope for strength while I was on my knees.


Yes, deep down I know a better job will come,

Yet waiting for that job is hard,

It becomes so hard as I become desperate for a better job to come,

Yes, I know I must learn how to patiently wait so it won’t be so hard,

Yet my body and my mind struggle as I pray each day for a better job to come.


Still I can see the power of the prayer,

I can see the current job become easier,

It’s like the hardships of the current job are removed with the prayer,

The prayer tries to make the waiting easier,

Thus, proving that a better job will arrive with the help of a prayer.

Supervisor (Poem)

She holds my dream in her hands,

She demands too much of me,

My mind analyzes as it tries to figure out how to take my dream away from her hands,

She acts like she’s friends with me,

Yet how can we be friends if she has my dream in her hands?


We can’t be friends as long as she’s my supervisor,

I can’t let my guard down when I speak to her,

I don’t trust my supervisor,

I can’t be friends with her,

My dream is more important than being friends with a supervisor.


It’s her that makes me hate my job,

Another reason why I can’t be friends with her,

Her demands make me hate my job,

It isn’t that I hate her,

It’s just that she’s the main reason I get so stressed over my job.


Still there will come a day when I’ll walk away from her,

I’ll find another supervisor who’ll help me achieve my dream,

Someone who doesn’t demand too much like her,

Someone who I wouldn’t mind if they hold my dream,,

Yet for now I’ll keep doing my best to keep on smiling even when I get stressed because of the demands given by her.

Your Help (Poem)

Reach for my hand,

I’m slipping,

Only give me a strong hand,

Let go if you catch yourself slipping,

I won’t drag you down by holding tightly to your hand.


I might need your help,

I might need you to catch me,

Yet I rather let you go if your life would become hard because of your help,

Don’t destroy yourself because of me,

It’s enough that you tried to help.


I’ll give thanks to you in my darkness,

I’ll let that knowledge guide me towards the light,

Perhaps a stronger person will help me out of the darkness,

All I want is for anyone who helps to remain in the light,

Thus, it won’t ever be my wish to drag anyone into the darkness.