Resign (Poem)

I lost it all,

You gave me a chance,

I was really depressed when I lost it all,

You slowly helped me get out of my depression when you gave me a chance,

Thank you for being the light when I lost it all.


I didn’t earn a lot of money with you,

Yet that small amount was better than nothing,

I slowly achieved my dreams because of the money I earned with you,

I slowly went from having nothing to something,

I’ll always be grateful to you.


I hesitated when I was trying to resign,

I felt I owed you,

Yet you made it okay to resign,

You gave kind words even after I said goodbye to you,

Later you said it was layoff and not resign.


I wasn’t angry that you let me go,

I knew it was time to go,

You knew it was time to let me go,

I am now in the right career path because you let me go,

That’s why I can smile and not look back with regret as I go.


Bills (Poem)

I lifted my head towards the sun,

Felt the negativity melt away,

It was the healing of the sun,

It was a feeling I never wanted to go away,

I was thankful for the sun.


You see the stress from bills were slowly knocking me down,

The worry as to how I’ll make it was stressing me,

Somehow the sun gave me courage not to stay down,

Still the bills are there to remind me that it won’t leave me,

Yet I’ll find a way not to stay down.


You see the bills don’t care if they break me,

The bills don’t care if I cry,

The bills only say, “Pay me,”

Over and over those words have made me cry,

Yet I’ll continue to turn to God and say, “Please God help me.”


With my belief in God I’ll put the bills down,

I’ll take a break from the negativity and enjoy the sun,

I won’t focus on just staying down,

I’ll enjoy the feeling from living and the sun,

One day I’ll find a way to pay the bills that try to keep me down.

Job (Poem)

I want that job,

That job doesn’t want me,

Should I cry because of that job?

Should I whine because that job doesn’t want me?

No way!


I’ll show that job the mistake they made for not choosing me,

I’ll show them how successful I can be,

I’m going to show them all the extraordinary qualities they failed to see in me,

I’ll show them how amazing I can be,

That’s how awesome I’ll be.


I’ll turn the rejection into motivation,

I’ll turn my sadness and frustration into determination,

All I need is my own motivation,

All I need is my own determination,

That’s all I need to be unstoppable and succeed in my plan of action.


Getting a job isn’t always easy. At times it’s hard to move forward, but that’s when you have to work hard to believe that you have what it takes to succeed.