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Forever (Poem)

You assumed I’ll stay with you forever,

An assumption because I once said I’ll love you forever,

I should’ve explained what I meant by forever,

Perhaps you wouldn’t have mistreated me if you knew what I meant by forever,

Now it’s too late for us to stay forever.


I meant I’ll love you forever if you didn’t mistreat me,

I meant I wanted to be truly loved in return when I said forever,

I didn’t mean I’ll stay if you disrespected me,

I didn’t mean I’ll stay on a one-sided love forever,

I’ll stay and love you forever means that I’ll give all my time to someone who deserves me.


So now I’m giving you another forever,

Now it’s goodbye,

Now it’s you lost me forever,

I don’t need anyone in my life who makes me want to die.

So get out of my life forever.




Suspicious Man (Poem)

Hello, Denny’s,

We came to enjoy a meal in this lovely night,

Too bad a suspicious man entered Denny’s,

Too bad a suspicious man ruined my night,

A man who followed us everywhere in Denny’s.


He wasn’t able to walk and his eyes looked weird,

Why did he have to sit next to us?

I’m scared because he looks weird,

Husband, can you get another table for us?

I didn’t want to be next to someone who looked weird.


We got up and moved across the room,

Sadly, he also got up and followed us,

Why couldn’t he stay on the other side of the room?

Why did he have to follow us?

Good thing he walked back to the other side of the room.


Husband, I’m really scared,

Husband, let’s get out of here,

I didn’t want to be around someone who made me scared,

I didn’t want to be here,

Thus, husband went to pay and I went to the car because I was scared.


It wasn’t the best choice that I made,

Husband stayed inside to pay,

The weird man followed me outside and proved to me it wasn’t the best choice I made,

I locked the door and wished husband would hurry and pay,

It felt like it was the longest time because of the choice that I made.


The weird man finally went inside,

Husband finally came outside,

Yet I couldn’t stop┬átrembling inside,

I couldn’t stop trembling outside,

My fear had increased so much that I felt and showed it outside and inside.

Lonely Birthday (Poem)

What’s the point of living another year?

Tell me what do you do when you feel no one cares?

How do you keep going another year?

How do you convince yourself you’re happy to be alive when no one cares?

What’s so great about living another year?


You know what I do?

I put on some music and let my tears fall,

Crying on my birthday is what I do,

I let myself fall,

I keep crying until I’m no longer able to.


I don’t give up on life even when I want to,

I dry my tears every lonely birthday,

What else can I do?

I can’t change the fact that it’s a lonely birthday,

All I can do is tell myself don’t give up even when my lonely birthday makes me want to.

Painful Birthday (Poem)

Another birthday arrived,

Sadly it wasn’t a perfect one,

It pained me that it arrived,

My birthday made me see my love life isn’t a perfect one,

I got a heartbreak when it arrived.


Looked forward to what my love would give,

For many years my birthday was painful,

Sadly my love didn’t give,

My love made my birthday painful,

Don’t know how to let go of the disappointment because my love didn’t give.


My birthday’s in the past was lonely,

My birthday’s in the past included breakups,

I disliked my birthday’s because I always felt lonely,

I disliked my birthdays because I felt like no one cared I lived another year after breakups,

Perhaps my birthday is always meant to be lonely.

Time (Poem)

There’s no going back in time,

We keep getting older,

Mistakes are made during our time,

Yet regrets hit you harder if your life isn’t how you wanted it as you get older,

So what do you do when you can’t go back in time?


You look at your present and make it a new start,

You evaluate and determine how to change your path,

You begin to work much harder in your new start,

You work harder to change your path,

As long as you’re alive you have a new start.


Don’t keep thinking about changing your past,

Think about changing your present,

Find a way to accept the fact that you can’t change your past,

Change your future by changing the present,

Perhaps in time you won’t get sadden by your past.


Age and Change (Poem)

Who am I?

I didn’t know,

Others say crazy woman was the answer to who am I,

I believed because I didn’t know,

I didn’t know the answer to who am I.


I made choices,

Ending up changing,

I didn’t always make good choices,

I disliked the way I was changing,

Not knowing who am I was leading to unwise choices.


Until age exhausted me,

I was too tired of all the unwise choices,

It was age that changed me,

Age caused me to finally evaluate my choices,

Age showed me who I truly wanted to be.

Child (Poem)

You’re sadden because of your miscarriage,

I can’t even have my own child,

You managed to have your own child after the miscarriage,

I’ll never be able to have my own child,

Thus, you should be grateful you were able to have a child after the miscarriage.


Yes, it’s sad to lose a child,

How would you feel if you couldn’t have a child?

It’s possible that you’ll get depressed because you couldn’t have a child,

I had to learn how to be okay without a child,

I had to learn how to be happy without a child.


Thus, you should be happy with the child that you do have,

You should thank the blessing that other’s aren’t given,

Don’t focus on what you didn’t have,

Focus on what you have been given,

After all, not everyone can have what you have.

My Hand (Poem)

Take my hand,

Let me help you,

Don’t drag me down when you take my hand,

Don’t cause me to regret when I help you,

Don’t cause me to wish I never offered you my hand.


This is all I ask when I offer to help you,

Sad thing is that this didn’t have a good outcome,

You hurt me when I offered to help you,

Tears were the outcome,

Yet there wasn’t an ounce of guilt from you.


Your jealousy and misery only made you think of you,

You could’ve gotten up when I offered to help you,

Yet you didn’t appreciate that I offered to help you,

Thus, that’s why I walked away from you,

That’s why in the end there was no one there to help you.


Neighbor and Friend (Poem)

Rude next door neighbors when we first moved in,

Thus, neighbors and us won’t ever be friends,

I watched one girl cry and another go in,

Obvious no girls and them can be friends,

It sadden me to know that there are guys like that in this world that we’re in.


Still there isn’t a neighbor that I dislike,

They each have a story that make me curious,

I wonder what is their life like,

Their talks, their tears, and their laughter all make me curious,

In other words, this is a neighborhood that I like.


No, I don’t want to be their friend,

I just want to observe and listen as they continue their story,

A neighbor isn’t someone I’ll choose as a friend,

I don’t want a neighbor to make my life into a difficult story,

Hence, I’ll keep enjoying my neighborhood by not being anyone’s friend.

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