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Who I Am (Poem)

Siblings with the same parents,

Yet different than my sibling,

It feels like I’m the one disliked by my parents,

All because I wasn’t like my sibling,

All because I’m different than my parents.


Outsiders didn’t accept me because I was different,

Wasn’t accepted by my family because I was different,

Thus, many tried to make me feel it was wrong to be different,

Many wanted me to change because they didn’t like that I was different,

However, my husband became the only one who made it okay to be different.


Truthfully, I love who I currently am,

I’m just so sad that my family can’t accept the person I am,

Thus, I chose to stop speaking to my family because they didn’t accept me as I am,

Perhaps they’ll never accept me as I am,

Yet I’m going to do my best to be happy to only speak to people who accept me as I am.



Parent (Poem)

There were times when I felt hated,

Still, I asked you to choose between your father and me,

You chose your father and made me feel hated,

You said the words that truly hurt me when you chose between your father and me,

Now I’m feeling hated.


You said a parent comes first then their child,

I asked, “what would you do if I put him in jail for what he did?”

You made it clear you wouldn’t talk to me even if I was your child,

It was clear you’ll accept your father no matter what he did,

It was clear that you hated your own child.


Now my heart is hurting because we’re choosing not to speak,

You’re probably waiting for me to talk to you first,

Yet I don’t want to speak,

I can’t pretend that I accept that your father comes first,

I’m too hurt to even speak.


I can’t say I choose you first since you’re my parent,

I’m choosing myself first in this,

My feelings come first and not because you’re my parent,

I won’t ever accept that you said this,

It doesn’t matter if you’re my parent.


This and That (Poem)


I’m telling you this and that,

Why don’t you listen?

I’m done telling you this and that,

You don’t ever listen.


It annoyed you when I told you this and that,

I told you because I cared,

I’m no longer speaking since you don’t listen to this and that,

Why should I bother when you never cared?

In the end, you acted like you hated me because of this and that.


So go ahead and keep messing up,

I’m done trying to protect you,

I’ll stay quiet and watch you mess up,

I’m so tired of protecting you and in return getting hated by you,

Most of all, you never appreciated everything I did so you wouldn’t mess up.

Questioning (Poem)

His words were sweet when we first met,

My own desperation made me believe,

I didn’t question what I saw in his eyes when we met,

That’s how desperate I was to believe,

I wanted to believe it was love from the moment we met.


Sadly, I paid the price for not questioning,

He was also uttering the same sweet words to another woman,

The blame was on me for not questioning,

Thus, my own naivety led to becoming a heartbroken woman,

Now I’m the woman who is always questioning.


Yet there’s nothing wrong to question a fast love,

You should care about your heart,

After all, only a worthy one deserves your love,

Only worthy one deserves your heart,

Most of all, you won’t question for long when it’s really true love.


7th Grader (Poem)

The police found our vehicle,

A 7th grader had stolen our vehicle,

A 7th grader had learned how to unlock and lock our vehicle,

It’s truly sad that a 7th grader was a homeless living in our vehicle,

Thus, we chose not to put this 7th grader in jail for stealing our vehicle.


Yet this event led to our moving decision,

We’re saying goodbye to a condo we once loved,

Yes, my own fear and worry of the thief led to our decision,

Now I’m hoping the next home is going to be loved,

Now I’m hoping the next house is truly the best decision.


I truly hope our next home is safe,

I guess we won’t truly know until we move there,

Sad that the condo went from feeling safe to unsafe,

I guess we weren’t always meant to live there,

After all, we wouldn’t have moved so soon if the condo continued to feel safe.

Stranger (Poem)

I don’t know you,

You don’t know me,

I didn’t hurt you,

Yet you hurt me,

Now there’s a question “how can a stranger hurt you?”


It’s sad how someone you don’t know can hurt you,

How would they feel if someone hurt them the same way?

Those that know and care about you would think before hurting you,

A stranger doesn’t think the same way,

A stranger doesn’t always care about hurting you.


So how do we avoid a hurtful stranger?

There’s no way to predict which stranger wants to hurt you,

All you can do is hope you don’t encounter a hurtful stranger,

Yet do your best not to think every stranger wants to hurt you,

After all, there’s also a good stranger.

Thief (Poem)

My heart is hurting so much,

We woke up and saw that our car was stolen,

We spent so much,

Finally paid the car off and it got stolen,

It hurts because we work and stress so much.


We worked hard for everything we have,

Then someone just takes it away without working hard for it,

It’s so disappointing for someone to steal what we have,

Yet there’s nothing we can do about it,

The thief won’t get caught and now I’m worried about everything else we have.


I can’t sleep comfortably because I’m scared,

I wonder if the thief is going to enter our house,

It sucks when a criminal makes you so scared,

All I wanted was to create great memories in our house,

Yet now I want to leave this house because I’m so scared.

Terrible Grandpa (Poem)

Dear Grandpa,

I can’t say I like you,

There have been times when I wished I had a better grandpa,

You only ever cared about you,

You have truly been a terrible grandpa.


I disliked living with you all those years,

Yet my mom wanted you with us,

I was grateful when you moved out after all those years,

You never truly cared about us,

You weren’t really nice to my mom throughout the years.


My dad, my sister, and I are grateful that we convinced my mom to move you,

You went from house to house,

Now nobody wants to take care of you,

It’s because of what you did to my cousin’s child that you’re leaving that house,

Now everyone is disappointed in you.


No one ever wanted to put you in a senior home,

Yet you made a mistake with my cousin’s child,

Now you can’t stay in the last relative that offered you their home,

All because you couldn’t stop yourself from mistreating a child,

I just hope my mom doesn’t feel bad and try to bring you back to her home.

Love and Age (Poem)

I’m older,

My husband is younger,

I never wanted to be the one that was older,

I used to say I wouldn’t get involved with someone younger,

Yet my relationships never worked when I was with someone older.


Now I’m glad I accepted someone younger,

We don’t even care who is older,

All we care about is how we love and not who is younger,

It doesn’t always mean you’ll be loved better with someone older,

It doesn’t always mean you won’t be loved better with someone younger.


There are times when someone younger endured more,

There are times when someone younger gained more wisdom,

Thus, it isn’t always good to think an older person knows more,

It isn’t always good to think an older person has more wisdom,

It’s the person and not the age that determines who’ll love you more.


No, I’m not saying to date someone underage,

That’s against the law and I don’t believe in breaking the law,

All I’m saying is to focus on the person and not the age,

Just don’t go breaking the law,

In other words, love a good-hearted person with the legal age.

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