Flirting With A Job (Poem)

He’s flirting with her,

She says he made her blush,

My husband asks if I saw him flirt with her,

I say that stuff no longer makes me blush,

I’m no longer someone that reacts like her.


Being married has changed me,

I now say “Do you have a job?”

I now say “Can you support me?”

I don’t need someone without a job,

Flirting without a job now disgusts me.


I’m not a child who says “aww he flirted with me,”

Yes, my husband occasionally flirts with me,

His flirting is only aww because he has the ability to support me,

My husband takes care of me,

Or else I’ll say sorry but it’s over for you and me.


Death and Dying (Poem)

There were times I came close to dying,

The actions of others or the environment almost brought death,

There were no suicidal thoughts of dying,

It was life reminding me of the factors that can bring death,

Yet a fact is that each day we get closer to dying.


Humans aren’t meant to live forever,

We get older and get reminded that we aren’t immortal,

We lose loved ones that remind us that only death is forever,


Sometimes some of us get scared that we aren’t immortal,

The fear of death makes some of us wish we can live forever.


Sadly, a wish for immortality isn’t ever going to happen,

So what do we do?

Do we get depressed over something that’s going to happen?

Should we focus on the now and try to find happiness in everything we do?

The question is “do you want to be happy or unhappy in this current life while knowing death is going to happen?”

Flying and Crying (Poem)

Dream and fly,

Then I get pulled down,

Obstacles make it hard to fly,

Obstacles knock me down,

All I want is to dream and fly.


Why don’t you let me keep smiling?

Why do you want to stress me?

Do you dislike when I’m smiling?

Would you rather see a depressed me?

Can’t you understand that I’m tired of crying?


Smiling and then crying,

Please just let me relax,

I spent so many years crying,

Now I just want to relax,

I want to keep flying and not crying.

Back and Forth (Poem)

Back and forth,

Stuck in the middle,

Got to stop this back and forth,

Observe every detail in the middle,

Learn from the middle to break the back and forth.


Obstacles I can overcome,

All I need to do is analyze for the solution,

The correct solution will help me overcome,

The question is “what is the solution?”

Most of all, I must believe that I can overcome.



Full-Time (Poem)

For years I hope to get a full-time job,

Finally got hired,

It felt like a perfect job,

I didn’t know the issue that would arise after I got hired,

The issue arose after I moved from part-time to full-time job.


A woman who acts like a manager,

Yet she is the same position as me,

Thinks years in the position makes her a manager,

Yet in doesn’t change the fact she’s in the same position as me,

I’m thankful she isn’t a manager.


I didn’t respond to her when she spoke to me,

I was busy working that chatting wasn’t important,

I didn’t even know she was talking to me,

Yet she felt she was important,

So my lack of response resulted in her talking shit about me.


Perhaps I might get fired because of her,

Yet there’s nothing I can do,

I don’t have years of experience in the company like her,

That’s why I feel there’s nothing I can do,

Sad how years of hoping for a full-time shattered all because of her.

Better Path (Poem)

The tears fell over something I didn’t want to do,

I did it and overcame,

Now a goodbye is something I’m going to do,

A new opportunity came,

I guess facing my fear was something I had to do.


There are sometimes a better path after a fearful path,

That’s why courage is needed,

Face the fear for the better path,

Believing in yourself is sometimes something that is needed,

The question is “would you take the risk for the better path?”

Crowd (Poem)

I don’t want to stutter in front of the crowd,

I might stutter,

I want to hide from the crowd,

I don’t want the crowd to hear me stutter,

Yet I know have to face the crowd.


I feel sick,

I feel I might pass out,

I don’t like a crowd that makes me feel sick,

I guess it will be great if I pass out,

That way I won’t feel sick.


This is stupid,

I should just punch anyone who makes fun of me,

Then this won’t feel so stupid,

Maybe then they’ll learn not to look at me,

I guess getting angry is the only way I’ll say “stop looking at me stupid.”

Presentations (Poem)

The dreadful day is here,

I’m trying to breathe in and breathe out,

My mind is saying “I don’t want to be here,”

My mind is saying “I want to get out,”

I feel scared to be here.


Please don’t look at me,

I don’t want your attention on me,

Your stares are scaring me,

Why are you doing this to me?

Why am I letting you do this to me?


I don’t like doing presentations,

Why do I have to do something that I don’t want to do?

I feel like I rather die then do presentations,

What do I do?

I might panic because of these presentations.


Should I quit or face my fear?

I guess all I can do is break down and cry,

I’ll cry and then I’ll face my fear,

Yet I won’t let the crowd know they are the reason I cry,

I’ll do my best to smile and do my best to hide my fear.

Dream House (Poem)

All my old debt is gone,

Now I’m moving on to new,

It feels so nice to have those chains gone,

It feels so nice to look forward to the new,

I can finally work towards my dreams since my old debt is gone.


One day I’ll buy my two floor dream house,

A dream that once felt impossible,

It’s now possible because both my husband and I want that dream house,

Sometimes sharing bills make it possible,

Better when two people are working hard for a two floor house.


One day my husband and I will adopt kids,

It will be so wonderful to share our house with our pets,

It will be so wonderful to share our house with kids,

It will be so wonderful to give love to the kids and pets,

Yes, it will be a house full of love with us, pets, and kids.

Line of Work (Poem)

The stomach pain caused the tears to fall,

My anxiety I did my best to calm,

My husband was around as I let the tears fall,

He remained calm,

He was patient as I let the tears fall.


I no longer hide the tears from my husband,

I know my husband won’t be cruel when the tears fall,

I trust my husband,

I’m glad I don’t have to hide as the tears fall,

I’m glad I don’t have to pretend with my husband.


He was exhausted from work,

Yet he still did his best to help me deal with the pain,

He stayed away even a long day of work,

He reminded me that he didn’t mind helping me deal with the pain,

That’s why I say the medical field is his line of work.