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Another Marriage (Poem)

For years I longed for marriage,

Now I’m saying “I’m not doing this again,”

I won’t go through another marriage,

I don’t feel it’s worth doing again,

It’s too much work for a marriage.


You can’t do everything you want,

It’s harder for people who dislike a comprise,

Yes, I hate not getting what I want,

Single sounds better than a comprise,

No, this isn’t what I want.


Truthfully, dating and a relationship is also something I don’t want,

I rather choose a life without love,

Lately, it feels that’s what I want,

It’s too much work when it comes to any type of love,

Yes, lately it seems a future without any love is what I want.


Darkest Moments (Poem)

I’m looking for you in my darkest moments,

Realizing I’m fine without you when my days are sunny,

Yet it isn’t always easy to have sunny moments,

Still, I need to stop looking for you when it isn’t sunny,

I need to learn how to be okay in my darkest moments.


It’s a misconception that being with you means I won’t ever have darkness,

Why can’t it always be sunny with you?

It’s because my own mind creates the world of darkness,

It’s my own mind that convinces me that I’m okay with or without you,

That’s why another can’t always take away the darkness.


Supervisor Job (Poem)

My days were hard because of my supervisor,

I walked away hoping for something better,

Another company stated that they want me as a supervisor,

All because a better door opened when I went to search for better,

Yet I still don’t know if I’m ready to be a supervisor.


I was once shy and quiet,

An illness made it hard to go out,

Yet it was my struggles that helped me stop being quiet,

I fought hard to find stable employment without going out,

Now I’m given an option for a high position that won’t ever allow me to be quiet.


What path would I choose?

Honestly, deep down I know any path I choose will be a path to success,

Thus, success is what I choose,

Even not giving up is a success,

So not giving up and success is what I’ll choose.


What Is Said (Poem)

Love me,

I don’t want to be alone,

Love me,

Please don’t leave me alone,

I’m afraid to be just me.


It’s a desperation that sometimes attracts mistreatment,

Changing your words is what can change your love life,

It should be “love me without mistreatment,”

Mistreat me and you’re out of my life,

I rather be alone than accept mistreatment.


Yes, love me should still be said,

You deserve love,

Don’t be ashamed when “love me” is said,

Yet that doesn’t mean you should settle for a bad love,

Thus, a good love without mistreatment should always be what is said.

Nobody to Somebody (Poem)

You’re trying to speak louder,

You don’t want me to be heard,

Want me to feel like crap as you speak louder,

It breaks my heart that I’m leaving without being heard,

Yet I’m not going to sink to your level and speak louder.


In the end, you’ll be the past,

In the future, I’ll be shining brightly because I walked away from you,

I’ll shine because of my painful past,

The past that motivated me to become better than you,

Yes, deep down I know my future success will come from my painful past.


So you can do your best to show I’m a nobody,

Yet, I overcame so much in my past that my self-esteem is no longer that low,

That’s why I know the people who aren’t worth it are the ones that try to make others into a nobody,

It’s sad that people like you sink so low,

However, in the end, I walked away and headed towards people who know I’m a somebody.

Temporary Bully (Poem)

I never fit in this work environment,

It’s like going back to my childhood days,

There was a bully in this work environment,

Still back then and now I got through those days,

Like back then and now I’m leaving that toxic environment.


Toxic environments don’t have to be permanent,

My supervisor will always be a bully,

Thus, I walked away and said “this environment won’t be permanent,”

So I no longer have to deal with this bully,

I choose a good environment to be permanent.


My childhood bullies also went their separate ways,

Hence, I endured temporary,

Now I’m living better days,

All because the bullies were only temporary,

Yes, I now see a future with better days.

Money Is Hard To Reach (Poem)

The money that I could’ve earned is hard to reach,

My experience and education says I’m worth so much,

Unfortunately, an illness made it difficult to reach,

Thus, I’m not getting paid that much,

It frustrates me that more money is hard to reach.


I should be grateful that I’m getting paid,

Yet I want more,

I don’t want to settle for what I’m getting paid,

Thus, I must work so hard for more,

I must work hard because I don’t want to settle for what I’m getting paid.


Yes, I’m married to a man in the medical field,

He’ll eventually get paid more,

Yet I want my own high paying field,

I also want to earn more,

I don’t want to settle just because my husband is in a high paying field.


So what am I going to do?

I’m going to keep working hard so I can get paid more,

That’s what I’m going to do,

I’m not going to give up because I want more,

No, giving up isn’t that I’m not going to do.

Leave Your Cage (Poem)

Believe me,

You say it’s hard to believe you,

Can’t you see the proof by looking at me?

Don’t give up on you,

I didn’t give up on me.


I’m free from my cage,

Believe that one day you will be free too,

You won’t always be locked in your cage,

It’s about how much you want to,

How much do you want to leave your cage?


Change the I can’t thoughts,

Change it to “how do I leave my cage?”

You overcome with different thoughts,

Your own thoughts can free you from your cage,

So come on and start by changing your thoughts.

Quit (Poem)

I’m going to quit,

No, I take it back,

I’m not going to quit,

I’ll be unable to go back,

I’m so afraid to quit.


I’m not appreciated in this company,

I really want to quit,

Please tell me if it will be okay if I quit this company,

Will I be okay financially if I quit?

I’m afraid to leave this terrible company.


These were my constant thoughts,

Yet today I finally told my supervisor that I quit,

I finally got the courage to quit even with those thoughts,

Deep down I also feel there will be a better door after I quit,

There’s a little hope even with my fearful thoughts.

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