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Goodbye Shaggy (Poem)

Entered when death was nearing,

Lived a difficult life as a stray cat,

Wanted a safe place as death was nearing,

We were a temporary home for this cat,

Deep down we all knew death was nearing.


Now my heart is breaking for this cat we named Shaggy,

A fur so dirty because of the difficult life,

I ask “Why didn’t you come sooner Shaggy?”

Why did you have to enter when you were about to say goodbye to life?

Thus, yesterday we said goodbye to Shaggy.


Shaggy went to heaven,

Yet passed away in a safe place,

Shaggy can now relax in heaven,

It hurts that Shaggy is gone to a better place,

Yet one day we’ll meet in heaven.


Glad Shaggy didn’t pass away where no one cared,

We loved Shaggy even if this cat wasn’t with us long,

Found a cremation place that actually cared,

Shaggy deserved the best even if it wasn’t long,

After all, in the end, Shaggy just wanted someone that cared.



The Word Friend (Poem)

You want to get close to me,

You asked about me,

You want to know so much about me,

I’m letting you know about me,

Yet you’re about to lose me.



Eventually, I start to pull away from those who know too much,

Knowing too much means having the power to hurt me,

I start to regret when others know too much,

My heart can’t handle others hurting me,

Thus, it’s better for others not to know too much.


You see in the past I trusted the wrong people,

They showed me a life without friends is better,

Yes, those I once called a friend were the wrong people,

Leaving them made my life better,

Now I no longer use the word friend to label people.



Doing Too Much (Poem)

Change and I might stay with you,

I don’t want to change,

Can I still stay with you?

Why do I have to be the one that has to change?

Why is it always me that has to change and not you?


Do this and do that,

I’m already doing too much,

I don’t want to do this and that,

I’m not even appreciated for doing too much,

Yet you keep wanting me to do this and that.


What am I trying to say?

So many people wanting me to change,

That’s what I’m trying to say,

I didn’t want to change,

Yet they didn’t care what I had to say.


What else am I trying to say?

No one ever thanks me for stressing and doing too much,

Do more and more is what they all continue to say,

Thus, people are always expecting too much,

In return, they never appreciate when I stay.

Fight Alone (Poem)

Do you know how it feels to fight alone?

I know how it feels,

It was a crowd that I fought alone,

Yes, I know how it feels,

I know how much it hurts to fight alone.


I wasn’t thrown one rock,

Each person threw a rock,

Yet I fought to remain standing with each rock,

Then I walked away and cried because of each rock,

Yet I never threw a rock.


I tried to defend myself,

Yet I never once hurt them back,

I didn’t sink low to defend myself,

What hurt the most is that no one had my back,

What hurt the most was that I was the only one defending myself.


Oh yes, I was ignored every time I spoke,

No one listened when I said how much it hurt,

The crowd didn’t care to listen when I spoke,

They just wanted to get more power while I hurt,

I finally realized I need to walk away or stay and remain a joke.

Goodbyes (Poem)

My past contains a lot of goodbyes,

My heart hurt so much at first,

Eventually, my heart hardened with the goodbyes,

Eventually, I became the one who said goodbye first,

Still, I never enjoyed the goodbyes.


Truthfully, I thought I was done with goodbye,

Yet today I was proven wrong,

I’m about to say goodbye,

I feel staying is wrong,

I feel it’s right to say goodbye.


So how would I say goodbye?

I would harden my heart and walk away,

My mouth won’t utter a goodbye,

I won’t let anyone know that I’m walking away,

That’s the way I’ll say goodbye.


Why won’t I utter goodbye?

I won’t say goodbye because I know I won’t be missed,

All the time I shared showed no one is going to care if I say goodbye,

Yet I truly don’t care if I won’t be missed,

I won’t care because deep down I know there’s a good in this type of goodbye.

This Job (Poem)

This job means a lot to me,

This job is the path towards my dream,

Yet this job is hurting me,

I want to let go of my job and say goodbye to my dream,

This job is truly depressing for me.


The one I dislike is moving higher,

Soon she’ll be my manager,

It’s getting harder to stay as she moves higher,

I won’t ever call her my manager,

I’m fighting so hard to smile as she moves higher.


Another is a favorite and does less work,

I work so much and stay over time,

Yet I get paid the same as someone who does less work,

Now I’m questioning why does this happen to me every time?

Now I’m questioning when am I going to ever get paid more for all my work?



Fool (Poem)

Do you dare to hit me with your fist?

Do you think I won’t call the cops if you do?

Sorry dude my love died the moment you hit me with your fist,

In my eyes, you became a fool,

I’m not someone who’ll put up with someone who dares to hit me with their fist.


That’s what a woman who loves herself should say to a fool,

Sadly, in some cases, a woman stays and also becomes the fool,

She convinces herself that she is truly loved by the fool,

Yet nothing would convince either fool,

She will continue to stay and he will continue to be an abusive fool.


Bad Mouth (Poem)

The tears fell when ya’ll bad mouthed me in public,

I almost quit my job because it wasn’t right for a manager to do that,

I told the other manager and you that you shouldn’t bad mouth in public,

Yet you didn’t listen when I said that,

You still continued to bad mouth in public.


It was so wrong of you to use our work forum to talk bad,

Yet you never deleted what you said even when you saw that it bothered me,

You didn’t care that it made me feel bad,

You made work really difficult for me,

You always tried to find ways to make me feel bad.


Yet I stayed because of my other co-workers,

I dried my tears and continue to stay in the company,

I liked my other co-workers,

I liked the company,

Honestly, I would’ve left if it wasn’t for those co-workers.


However, you eventually decided to quit and leave,

Yet you used the work email to forward an essay that talked about the CEO,

You said the CEO is the reason that you chose to leave,

I couldn’t believe you cursed at the CEO,

Why couldn’t you just leave?


The answer is “you like causing drama,”

You try to cause issues between co-workers,

That’s why I give thanks that you aren’t around to cause more drama,

You even tried to say that you care about your co-workers,

I say that’s bull shit because if you would’ve cared then you wouldn’t have caused drama.

Fear to Loving the World (Poem)

The world once made me sick,

Fear kept me in my room,

I couldn’t step out of my room without feeling sick,

I felt safe in my room,

Yet it depressed me every time I felt sick.


I cried and I prayed to get better,

Yet I knew deep down it was up to me to overcome my fear,

So I slowly left my room in order to get better,

I stayed a few minutes outside in order to slowly overcome my fear,

It was so hard to fight to get better.


Eventually, minutes became hours,

Eventually, I could stay outside without running inside,

I learned to appreciate the world during the hours,

The fear inside became falling in love inside,

I fell in love with the world during those hours.


Now I can travel to a different state,

I’m grateful for each person that I meet,

It’s truly a blessing and a miracle that I can go to another state,

It brings happy tears to not fear every person that I meet,

Still, I’ll always prefer my own state.

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