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True Love (Poem)

He gives her his heart,

She gives him her heart,

They both gave their heart,

They were both afraid to give their heart,

Yet they each believed they deserved each other’s heart.


True love is about trusting each other with each others heart,

It isn’t about “I’m not giving you my heart because I’m afraid,”

It isn’t about only one person giving his or her heart,

The one who gives his or her heart is also afraid,

Yet the one who truly loves doesn’t stop fear from giving the heart.


He or she has a wall and is afraid to let you in?

Thus, this person isn’t ready to truly love,

Don’t make an excuse for someone who doesn’t let you in,

There’s a high chance you’ll get hurt because of this one-sided love,

There’s a high chance you’ll get hurt because this person might never let you in.


Truthfully, I know all about having a wall,

I used to have a wall when it came to a relationship,

I also dated several who had a wall,

Thus, the relationship became a temporary relationship,

In the end, neither of us broke the wall.


Eventually, I met someone who I didn’t have a wall with from the beginning,

Eventually, I met someone who didn’t have a wall from the beginning,

We were ready to love from the beginning,

We were ready to take a risk in loving each other from the beginning,

As a result, we became THE ONE to each other from the beginning.


Captured Happiness (Poem)

Give me a rope,

I’m capturing happiness,

I’m not letting go of the rope,

I’m the owner of the happiness,

There’s no way I’m giving you my rope.


You can go ahead and fight for the rope,

You’ll find out how stubborn I choose to be,

I want the happiness in this rope,

Happy is what I’m choosing to be,

Too bad if my captured happiness shatters your hope.


I don’t care if you get hurt because I don’t let go of the captured happiness,

My advice to you is to go and capture your own happiness,

You can’t have my happiness,

I fought so hard for my happiness,

Thus, I’m not giving anyone my captured happiness.

Forget (Poem)

Is it the kiss that I can’t forget?

Is it the loving we did all night that I can’t forget?

Is it your personality or looks that I can’t forget?

We didn’t last long so why can’t I forget?

What is it that I can’t forget?


The answer is the temporary happiness that I can’t forget,

For a short time, a good looking man said the most beautiful words,

Perhaps those words are a lie or truth that I can’t forget,

All I know I felt happy when a good looking man uttered beautiful words,

Yes, it’s the happiness that I can’t forget.


Perhaps the kiss was a good kiss,

Perhaps the loving was a good loving,

All I know my body and heart felt good with a kiss,

All I know is that I felt happy with the kiss and loving,

Yes, it’s the happiness I can’t forget during the loving and kiss.


So why am I leaving if I can’t forget?

I’m leaving because it’s the temporary happiness that I can’t forget,

I’m leaving because your mistreatment is also something I can’t forget,

I’m leaving because I’m searching for a man who gives a forever happiness that I can’t forget,

I’m leaving because a jerk is someone I’m choosing to forget.

Blaming (Poem)

Look at me,

Tell me what went wrong,

Are you blaming me?

That’s where you are wrong,

The ending isn’t because of me.


This ending is because of you,

Your own demons are the cause of this ending,

You’re losing what’s best for you,

I tried my best until this ending,

The blame is all on you.


You can go ahead and say it’s all my fault,

The question is “Who is having better days with this ending?”

Yeah, the one who isn’t at fault,

I’m the one who is having a better life with this ending,

So no way am I going to say “Yes, this ending is all my fault.”


Co-Workers (Poem)

Co-workers break my heart,

I can’t escape since money is a necessity for survival,

I wish these co-workers wouldn’t break my heart,

I wish money wasn’t that necessary for survival,

Thus, money can break my heart.


Yet I’m grateful that I work from home,

The co-workers don’t see the tears that fall because of them,

My dogs and husband are the only ones who see my tears at home,

My husband comforts me when I’m hurting because of them,

I don’t ever let the co-workers see what my husband sees at home.


My co-workers see a woman who defends herself,

In their eyes, I appear like a bitch,

I don’t ever let them see that I’m not a woman who doesn’t defend herself,

I hide the hurt behind the appearance of a bitch,

I do it because in this company there are people who’ll use me if I don’t show “I am someone who defends herself.”

Someone Else (Poem)

There will come a time when we’ll say goodbye,

I don’t see us forever when I look at you,

All I see is a goodbye,

Deep down I know you don’t need me with you,

Your heart won’t hurt with a goodbye.


You’re so logical that you’ll find a good reason for not fighting for me,

No tear is ever going to fall from your eyes,

I see it so clearly the longer you’re with me,

Deep down I know there would come a time when there won’t be love in your eyes,

Your actions show it so clearly the longer you’re with me.


Deep down I know I’m not the last woman for you,

I know a woman is going to enter your life,

She’ll be the one meant for you,

You see I no longer have anything to offer you in your life,

In time, you’ll want someone and something else for you.

Comfort (Poem)

In marriage tears also fall,

His arms aren’t always there to comfort you,

He isn’t always there to catch you when you fall,

Yes, a husband can also hurt and disappoint you,

“I do” didn’t mean I’ll always be there when you fall.


How do I know?

During my hardship I said “leave, it’s better for us to be alone,”

This is how I know,

He left the house and left me alone,

This is how I know.


So here I am crying because I’m alone while life feels hard,

Yes, I said leave,

Yet who actually wants to be alone when life is hard?

So why did he leave?

He left because he also says life is hard.


You see there are times when we aren’t each other’s comfort,

Eventually, we stop needing each other,

Endings sometimes happen the less we turn each other for comfort,

Yet you can’t hold on when you aren’t meant to be with each other,

Thus, for now, we’ll be together until we no longer need each other for comfort.

Pictures of You (Poem)

I wake up to another day without you,

You were here yesterday,

Today I’m living without you,

I didn’t even know that my last day with you was going to be yesterday,

I should’ve taken more pictures of you.


You are now a memory,

I won’t ever see you again in this world,

Eventually, you’ll become a blurry memory,

Yet I know I’ll eventually see you in the other world,

I would’ve taken more pictures if I had known you’ll become a memory.


It’s too late to take more pictures of you,

Still, I hope you’re enjoying your time in heaven,

I’ll do my best to deal with the pain I feel when I wake up to another day without you,

I’ll deal until I see you again in heaven,

For now, I’ll do my best to remember the good memories I have of you.

Goodbye Shaggy (Poem)

Entered when death was nearing,

Lived a difficult life as a stray cat,

Wanted a safe place as death was nearing,

We were a temporary home for this cat,

Deep down we all knew death was nearing.


Now my heart is breaking for this cat we named Shaggy,

A fur so dirty because of the difficult life,

I ask “Why didn’t you come sooner Shaggy?”

Why did you have to enter when you were about to say goodbye to life?

Thus, yesterday we said goodbye to Shaggy.


Shaggy went to heaven,

Yet passed away in a safe place,

Shaggy can now relax in heaven,

It hurts that Shaggy is gone to a better place,

Yet one day we’ll meet in heaven.


Glad Shaggy didn’t pass away where no one cared,

We loved Shaggy even if this cat wasn’t with us long,

Found a cremation place that actually cared,

Shaggy deserved the best even if it wasn’t long,

After all, in the end, Shaggy just wanted someone that cared.

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