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Angels Light (Poem)

The evil spirit was near,

Fear took over,

The angels were also near,

A shining light took over,

The angels stopped the evil spirit from getting near.


The angels said “We’re watching over you,”

They reminded me that they were protecting me,

The angels calmed me with their “watching over you,”

A weight was lifted from me,

My hardships suddenly had a solution with their “watching over you.”


Yes, everything felt so difficult,

The darkness and the pain felt like too much,

Thus, the angels heard the words, “this is so difficult,”

The angels reminded that they’ll always be there when it’s too much,

So remember that we aren’t alone when it’s too much or difficult.

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The Rights (Poem)

A girlfriend might get called crazy for “stalking” a boyfriend,

A wife has more rights than a girlfriend,

It feels so much better to have a husband than a boyfriend,

Never liked the little rights I had as a girlfriend,

So glad I said goodbye to boyfriend.


I ask “who is that female?”

I ask “where are you going?”

I have the right to say “don’t ever talk to that female,”

I have the right to say “no, that isn’t where you are going,”

He also has the right to say “no you aren’t going and I don’t approve of that male.”


I can see his phone,

I can see his email,

He can see my phone,

He can see my email,

There is no “you can’t see my email or phone.”


I do means “there’s nothing we should hide from each other,”

Don’t get married if you want to hide something,

I do means choosing each other,

Marriage isn’t for those who want to hide something,

Marriage is only for those who can truly respect each other.



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Eyes Open (Poem)

Eyes open,

Is negative what you feel?

Why can’t you see the beauty when your eyes open?

Why can’t you say “love is what I feel?”

Why don’t you see the good around you when your eyes open?


Perhaps yesterday wasn’t a great day,

That was yesterday,

Morning is another day,

The past is yesterday,

Don’t get stuck on a goodbye day.


The morning is a second chance,

You are waking up again so you can choose to love life,

Why can’t you say, “I’m blessed to have a second chance?”

Why do you feel that you need to see the worst in life?

Perhaps your life becomes a good life when you choose to appreciate the second chance.

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Psychiatrist (Poem)

What b.s. is this psychiatrist saying?

I wanted to punch her since I didn’t understand the brain,

I thought she didn’t know what she was saying,

I researched the brain,

Turns out that she might have known what she was saying.


Heard that some get abused by their patients,

I can’t say that I would want to be a psychiatrist,

Truth is, I think most of the world should be patients,

A lot of us have issues that sometimes need to be analyzed by a psychiatrist,

Too bad that we don’t all get cured by a psychiatrist.


The fact is, our thinking isn’t easily changed by a psychiatrist,

Our thoughts are our choices,

We get advice from a psychiatrist,

Yet the treatment sometimes fails because of our choices,

On occasions, it fails because of the lack of knowledge from psychiatrists.


So what do I say?

You choose who and what to believe,

That’s what I say,

The proven cure is what I believe,

That’s what I say,

In the words of Brian Tracy, “Change your thinking, Change your life,’ is what I believe.

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Research (Poem)

Husband, I think I’m going to get cancer,

He says, “you aren’t going to get cancer,”

I say, “a lot of relatives had cancer,”

I say, “I don’t know what I’ll do if I get cancer,”

He says, “you aren’t going to get cancer.”


Husband, the chemo brings a symptom that is part of my phobia,

Husband, I don’t think I’ll be able to get chemo if I get cancer,

Husband, why did I have to get this phobia?

Husband says, “you won’t get cancer,”

I ask, “do you still love me with this phobia?”


So what do I do?

I do what I did when my panic attacks used to happen every day,

Continue my education is what I do,

I keep researching every day,

Trying to find an answer through education is what I’ll continue to do.

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The Purpose (Poem)

Sheltered virgin meets a bad boy,

A young girl believing in romance novels,

A good girl thinking she can change a bad boy,

Goodbye virginity and the illusion of novels,

Hello, tears caused by a bad boy.


Good girl turned to a bad girl,

The girl acted like a sex addict that felt unsatisfied with sex,

Sex wasn’t truly understood by this girl,

Understood when she asked herself, “why do you have sex?”

The answer helped her stopped being a girl.


The lady said, “sex without love has no purpose,”

The lady said, “you won’t die if you don’t have sex,”

The lady said, “a good man, marriage, and love are my purpose,”

The lady took a break from sex and stopped feeling like she was addicted to sex,

In the end, she found the satisfaction she was looking for when she and her husband said: “I do.”

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One Night (Poem)

I’m sorry for sleeping with you,

I was hurting so much,

I was trying to escape my pain by sleeping with you,

Sleeping with you wasn’t the right way to stop hurting so much,

Instead, I felt my own value get lowered by sleeping with you.


My sexual partners kept rising,

My pain kept increasing,

I wanted to scrub the dirtiness I felt as my partners kept rising,

I didn’t know how to deal with the pain that kept increasing,

I said, “no one is going to truly love me as my partners keep rising.”


One minute the guy was loving,

The next he said not to contact him after the one night stand,

Proving once again that dealing with the pain was better than a temporary loving,

Proving there wasn’t a point to a one night,

After all, the pain only increased with a one night stand.

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Choices You Make (Poem)

Change is a choice that you make,

One day you’re making bad choices,

The next day you’re saying those aren’t the choices you are choosing to make,

It’s about how desperately you want to stop making bad choices,

Even you’re own personality can change with the choices you make.


Just like “I don’t want to say these types of words,”

I don’t want to be mean,

You don’t have to say those words,

You don’t have to be mean,

It’s up to you to choose when it comes to personality or words.


The question is, “who do you want to be?”

Yes, you might lose people during the choices,

The question is, “do you love the person you are choosing to be?”

Can you live with your choices?

So in the end, why not choose people and choices that make you say “I love who I’m choosing to be?”

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Too Short (Poem)

He sleeps so peacefully,

Amused by his sleeping reactions,

My heart breaks as I watch him sleep peacefully,

I want to capture his adorable reactions,

I get reminded of how short life is as he sleeps peacefully.


Together forever isn’t part of love,

Time is eventually going to separate us,

Death might be a reason that we say goodbye to love,

Reality makes me appreciate us,

Reality reminds me to cherish our love.


So I am grateful when we talk after a disagreement,

Grateful for the healing that appears after our talking,

Grateful to appreciate our love once more when we deal with the disagreement,

I love going back to “I love you” after talking,

After all, as I said, life and love are too short to get stuck on a disagreement.

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Moods (Poem)

One day I want to die,

Another day I’m begging to keep on living,

Depression makes me want to die,

Happiness makes me want to keep on living,

My moods determine if I want to die or keep on living.


So I say “help me see the reasons to love life,”

Give me a reason to stop thinking “I want to die,”

Help me find happiness in everything I encounter in life,

Help me stop finding a way to die,

I want to constantly love life.


I also ask for a way to stop fearing death when happiness appears,

Show me to appreciate life instead,

I don’t want to stop being happy when hardship appears,

I want to cherish the short life instead,

Most of all, comfort me with the words, “your loved ones in heaven will welcome you when death appears.”