Changing with Agoraphobia (Poem)

There world is moving,

You are stuck in a room,

Agoraphobia can make it seems like your life isn’t moving,

It feels like you are staying still as the day and night goes by in your room,

Agoraphobia can make it seem like there aren’t changes as the world keeps moving.


Yet you are wrong about agoraphobia,

You are changing with your thinking,

You are becoming a different person with agoraphobia,

All you need to do is change your way of thinking,

Yes, you’ll keep changing with or without agoraphobia.


You are even getting older in your room,

Agoraphobia doesn’t stop the aging process,

Perhaps you’re even becoming wise in your room,

Sometimes wisdom comes from the aging process,

The question is, “Who do you want to become in your room?”

Low Pay (Poem)

All this education,

Very low pay,

What was the point of all the education?

Unsatisfied with the pay,

I deserve more money with all my education.


Unable to work outside,

I can only work from home,

Deep inside I know I’ll earn more if I work outside,

Harder to find a job that pays me more at home,

Yet I keep searching for a job that will pay me like if I was working outside.


The employers assign so much work,

I have to do all the work for the little pay,

All because the anxiety makes it hard to go out and work,

Yet it’s better to get some pay than no pay,

Still I’m determined not to settle for little pay and too much work.


Thus, I’ll cry if I have to,

I’ll scream if I have to,

I’ll get depressed if I have to,

Yet I won’t settle for a low pay job because I don’t want to,

I’ll work hard for a better paying job because I want to.