United Truth (Poem)

My heart is breaking,

I want to scream in frustration,

I can’t stop the breaking,

Another virus case is adding to the frustrating,

Another life lost is what’s leading to the breaking.


One side wants to wear masks,

I’m grateful for the ones who decide to wear masks,

Another side says they don’t want to wear masks,

I want to cry when I hear another doesn’t want to wear masks,

It saddens me to know that so many don’t want to wear masks.


Choosing not to wear a mask says you don’t care if you pass the virus,

I didn’t want to accept that there are so many people who care about themselves only,

Yet it’s hard to deny the selfishness with the virus,

It’s clear to see that in the end it isn’t about united we stand when there are those who care about themselves only,

In the end, the sad truth was revealed with the virus.


Decide (Poem)

What’s the right choice to make?

I don’t want to make a mistake,

Tell me what choice I should make?

Help me avoid a mistake,

It’s so hard when it’s an important choice that I must make.


What if I’ll regret what I decide?

I don’t want to regret,

I guess I’ll have to believe that I’ll find a way to overcome if I regret what I decide,

I just don’t want to ever regret,

In the end, I’ll have to decide.


There’s no avoiding this decision,

It’s a decision that I must make,

My entire life will change because of this decision,

The timer is letting me know that my time is almost up for the decision I must make,

It’s this year that my life will be changed because of this decision.

Creative Scenarios (Poem)

I’m so creative,

My mind creates worse scenarios,

I’m so creative,

My mind comes up with a lot of great scenarios,

So, is it good to be creative?


Here comes another bad scenario,

Time to press the stop button,

Time to think of a great scenario that converts a bad to a good ending,

It’s good that our brain has a stop button,

It’s good that all you need to know is how to create a good ending.

Believe Me (Poem)

He said he didn’t love me,

His words caused my mind to say, “I’m not lovable,”

The strongest damage came from me,

The one that mattered made me believe I wasn’t lovable,

That person who I believed was me.


It took years for me to finally believe that I was lovable,

Does he love me?

Truthfully, it no longer matters if he believes I’m lovable,

All that matters is what I think about me,

Besides, it’s great when an ex continues to believe you’re unlovable.


Why do I want an ex to love me?

An ex means he wasn’t good for me,

My current love is the only one who is good for me,

All that matters is that my current one loves me,

All that matters is that I love me.

Taken and Sexy (Poem)

I used to dress up to impress,

Had to find a way to capture the guy,

No longer trying to impress,

I already have the guy,

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to try hard to impress.


Yet there are moments when I dress up for me,

There are moments when I want to feel good,

Being taken doesn’t mean I should forget about me,

Being taken doesn’t mean that I should forget about feeling good,

Being taken doesn’t mean that I should forget all the good qualities about me.


So I say, “put on music that makes you feel sexy,”

Pick out the clothing that makes you say, “I’m amazing,”

Make a time to feel sexy,

Remind yourself that you’re amazing,

After all, taken doesn’t mean you should give up on being amazing and sexy.

Craziness (Poem)

Cheater after cheater,

I felt the craziness within me,

The toxic side of me came out when I was dating a cheater,

The love for a cheater was destroying me,

I was finally able to calm down the moment that I stopped loving a cheater.


In a better relationship,

Yet the craziness inside me isn’t gone,

The crazy feeling is calm in this current relationship,

The craziness will appear the moment that I feel everything is gone,

The craziness will appear if I ever end up hurt because of this relationship.


Hurt is an emotion that can be difficult to control,

I want to hurt myself and I want to hurt another,

Thankfully he ends up saying or doing something that puts me back in control,

The calm me doesn’t ever want to hurt another,

Thus, it’s better for me to stay with someone who truly loves me in order to stay in control.

Spouse (Poem)

He works in the medical field,

The virus is in the hospital,

There’s so much worry because he’s in the medical field,

It’s hard for those who work in the hospital,

There’s so much that’s being faced in the medical field.


He is afraid,

I am afraid,

We’re both afraid,

Yet he still works even if he’s afraid,

We do our best to go forward together even if we’re afraid.


I’ll get the virus if he gets the virus,

I won’t get angry at him if he gave me the virus,

I’ll still love him even if he gave me the virus,

Yet I pray that neither of us gets the virus,

I don’t want us to lose each other because of the virus.


Sadly, there are so many who already lost their spouse.

It breaks my heart thinking about those who lost the one they love,

No one wants to lose their spouse,

No one wants to lose the one they love,

I know because I’m also a spouse.


Virus (Poem)

I’m so afraid,

I don’t want to lose you,

I don’t know how to stop being afraid,

A virus reminded me how I could lose you,

The virus has made me afraid.


The politicians don’t care about whether we live or die,

Politicians want us to sacrifice those we love,

My world will end if you die,

I don’t want to lose those I love,

It scares me so much when I realize that politicians are the reasons that many will die.


I don’t know what to do,

So I get angry and frustrated at this situation,

Yet deep down I know that constantly telling you how much I love you is something that I should do,

I should focus on loving you more in this situation,

Focusing on loving you is all I should do.

Using Body (Poem)

It felt like the company was going to hire me,

Then she came in and used her body,

It’s because she used her body that the company rejected me,

I didn’t use my body,

It’s disappointing that the company didn’t choose me.


I could see that she was lazy,

I could see that she lacked creativity,

The company didn’t care that she was lazy,

The company didn’t care that she lacked creativity,

The company just cared about her body and not that she lacked creativity or that she was lazy.


So, I’m back to looking for another job,

I’m back to stressing as I keep waiting to get hired,

Yet I know now that I won’t ever be able to beat those who use their body to get the job,

All I can do is hope that one day there’s a company who’ll finally say, “You’re hired,”

Perhaps then I’ll say, “I love this job.”

Light In (Poem)

Our world began to crumble when you walked through our door,

You walked in darkness and brought it with you,

We shouldn’t have let you walk through our door,

Yet we wanted to help you,

Our kindness didn’t let us see what was walking through our door.


You stated that others argued because of you,

We understood why when we started to live with you,

You put the blame on others and not you,

You even said it was demons and not you,

In the end, we realized we couldn’t help you.


It’s interesting how you always opened the curtains to let light in,

Yet our house felt so dark when you were in it,

You were bringing darkness in,

It felt like we all wanted to die while you were in it,

So, I decided I didn’t want to ever let you in.


You left and the light was finally let in,

We don’t even need to open the curtains,

Our house finally feels like there’s so much light being let in,

Yet you don’t even realize that you’ll continue to be in darkness even with the opened curtains,

You can’t even see that you’re the one that doesn’t really want to let light in.