Unhappy and Happy Time (Poem)

Free me from this unhappiness,

Bring on the sunshine,

You can keep the unhappiness,

I’m leaving you and searching for my sunshine,

I rather be alone than continue feeling this unhappiness.


Love you because you’re blood,

Blood doesn’t mean I should remain unhappy for you,

Love you even though you aren’t blood,

Loving you doesn’t mean I should remain unhappy for you,

Besides, you should want happiness for me whether you are or aren’t blood.


I gave you too much time,

You chose to use that time to make me unhappy,

Now I’m done giving you more unhappy time,

Now it’s time to move on without you so I can be happy,

From now on I only want my life to be filled with less unhappy time and more happy time.


Wedding (Poem)

We didn’t have an expensive wedding,

We went from unemployed to slowly getting up,

He wanted a cheaper wedding,

My temper sure rose up,

What female wants a cheaper wedding?


Years later and we aren’t a perfect couple,

We didn’t marry when our life was perfect,

We married so we wouldn’t become a goodbye couple,

Our own situations is what made our wedding perfect,

Yet we’re a real couple.


From nothing to money coming in,

To loving and to arguing,

This is a real marriage that we are in,

Show me a true love without arguing,

I’ll then say “wow that’s amazing.”

One, Two, Three (Poem)

One, two, three,

A father with three screwed up daughters,

One, two, three,

A father who left scars on his daughters,

Yet he won’t apologize to one, two, or three.


One daughter is supporting a man and his wife,

Another daughter is supporting her husband,

I slept with so many men before becoming a wife,

For so long I hated men until I met my husband,

I stopped hating all men when I became a wife.


Yet there are moments when I feel I hate my father,

I probably would’ve ended up with a bad guy if I didn’t heal some scars,

Still, there are some scars that remain because of my father,

Perhaps they’ll be forever scars,

Perhaps one day I’ll completely forgive my father.

Silly Move (Poem)

Let’s dance everyone,

Singers come on and sing,

Let’s feel the beat everyone,

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to sing,

All that matters is that we have fun with everyone.


Hey you, no one is watching you,

Move to the beat,

Everyone just wants to have fun with you,

Who cares if you look silly while you move to the beat,

We won’t make fun of you.


Hey watch me do a silly move,

Will that make you comfortable?

Or will you laugh at my silly move?

I’m fine being silly if it makes you comfortable,

Or how about you join my silly move?

Hit From Parents (Poem)

I saw the look she used to give me,

My body became ready to fight,

I was preparing for her to hit me,

Yet I wasn’t going to stand there without a fight,

I wasn’t going to allow her to hit me.


I let my mother hit me when I was younger too many times,

I never realized how wrong it was for her to hit me,

Until I looked back and questioned all those times,

I was having a hard time and she was hitting me,

It never felt like she cared about me during those times.


Yet today she stopped herself from hitting me,

It’s a good thing too because my dad would’ve hit me if I stopped my mom from hitting me,

That’s when I knew this home is a toxic home for me,

They’ll still think they can do whatever to me,

I know deep down I can’t deal with my psychological issues as long as long as I stay here and continue to give them power over me.


No, my parents aren’t bad people,

My parents just don’t always know how to communicate,

Communicating isn’t always easy for people,

Yet I’m too tired of staying and hoping they’ll learn to communicate,

So I’ll walk away, keep on loving them, and keep on saying they’re good people.

Family and Us (Poem)

Us no longer feels like us,

It’s his family and my family,

We’re arguing about them and us,

It feels we’re getting farther away because of family,

It’s now time to choose us.


He tells me he’s done,

I’m now getting ready to tell my family I’m done,

We can’t undo what was done,

We can only walk away from family and work on us before the us is completely gone,

Our families don’t even make me feel like they appreciate what we have done.


We sacrificed what we worked so hard for,

Yet sacrificing for family has broken my heart,

This isn’t why I stressed so much for,

Thus, I’m taking my husband’s hand and healing my heart,

It’s now going to be the us that I work hard for.


Healthy Escape (Poem)

We have several cats,

We have several dogs,

I love all my cats,

I love all my dogs,

I’m happy with my dogs and cats.


Work gets stressful at times,

Yet my dogs and cats take that stress away,

It’s truly wonderful to find a way to escape at times,

To smile as I play with the dogs and cats that take the stress away,

Yup we all need to find a way to escape at times.


You see in life there’s something that can help us escape,

It might be a pet or another healthy way of escape,

No, drugs or drinking aren’t the only way to escape,

You just have to find the healthy way to escape,

So ask yourself “what’s my healthy way to escape?”

Thanksgiving (Poem)

Thanksgiving was fun,

Was yours fun too?

How did I have fun?

I worked and my husband did too,

Working on Thanksgiving sure was fun.


Alone on Thanksgiving used to depress me,

Holiday pay sure made it a wonderful day,

Did you get holiday pay like me?

Truthfully, I had never been a fan of a holiday,

I always felt like aww poor me.


Holidays sure were hard for me,

Stores closing early because people wanted to spend time with their family,

Yet I felt like no one ever wanted to spend time with me,

I felt lonely with and without my family,

Until holiday became a day of more money for me.


Heart (Poem)

An ex-lover took out my heart without a medical license,

I became like a tin man without a heart,

Then my husband came along and got a heart-related license,

He slowly healed the broken heart,

Never would’ve imagined I would marry someone with a heart-related license.


He’s careful with my heart,

He’s careful with the patient’s heart,

He has seen the fragileness of a heart,

Yet I won’t say he doesn’t ever cause pain in my heart,

Our differences can cause pain in the heart.


Still, I trust him with my heart,

I trust he won’t yank out my heart and break it,

Instead, he’ll do his best to leave only small cracks on my heart,

He’ll do his best to say goodbye while making sure my heart can take it,

After all, he’s an expert with the heart.


No Hatred (Poem)

We argue,

I’m not lonely,

I question our marriage when we argue,

It isn’t because I’m lonely,

I even question our love when we argue.


Three years together feel like hundred years,

There aren’t butterflies when I see him,

I’m not a dreamer that sees many happy years,

So why am I with him?

I am with him because there isn’t hatred when we argue.


The answer to my marriage and love is “true love isn’t always cloud 9,”

Instead, it’s about a love that remains even through the downs,

It’s a love that constantly brings me to the present because I’m not in cloud 9,

The bills, the struggles, the differences, and other downs,

Marriage makes me focus more on the now instead of the future and cloud 9.