Job (Poem)

I want that job,

That job doesn’t want me,

Should I cry because of that job?

Should I whine because that job doesn’t want me?

No way!


I’ll show that job the mistake they made for not choosing me,

I’ll show them how successful I can be,

I’m going to show them all the extraordinary qualities they failed to see in me,

I’ll show them how amazing I can be,

That’s how awesome I’ll be.


I’ll turn the rejection into motivation,

I’ll turn my sadness and frustration into determination,

All I need is my own motivation,

All I need is my own determination,

That’s all I need to be unstoppable and succeed in my plan of action.


Getting a job isn’t always easy. At times it’s hard to move forward, but that’s when you have to work hard to believe that you have what it takes to succeed.