Sleep (Poem)

SleepHe hugs me in his sleep,

He doesn’t know he’s doing it,

He remains connected even in his sleep,

We laugh when he tells me that he doesn’t remember doing it,

I’m so thankful that he hugs me in his sleep.


It comforts me to know that he’ll hug me when anxiety hits while he’s sleeping.

It’s a blessing to know that he does his best to calm my anxiety even when he’s sleeping,

He even answers me while he’s sleeping,

Yet at times he doesn’t remember that he was answering while he was sleeping,

I guess it’s because we’re a match that he continues to comfort and talk to me while he’s sleeping.


Only my match will be able to make me feel okay when I’m unable to sleep,

Only my match will be able to put me to sleep like he does,

Truthfully, I fall for him more when he’s there for me while he’s sleeping and I’m unable to sleep,

It’s hard not to fall for him more when he does what he does,

I’m so blessed to have found someone who always comforts me when he’s awake and when he’s asleep.