Dangerous Hillary (Poem)

The secret of Hillary’s corruption is being shown,

The fear I feel deep inside increases,

How dangerous she is can be seen in the e-mails that she didn’t want shown,

The media hide it and my anger increases,

There are some people who don’t ask, “What did she delete? What wasn’t shown?”


There was no reason to delete e-mails if there wasn’t anything to hide,

Then there are those who fear Trump more than Hillary,

It’s because the media continues to get on Hillary’s side,

They constantly work to hide the dangerous Hillary,

That’s why some people keep getting on Hillary’s side.


Then there are those who vote for Hillary because they’re a woman,

It makes them not care about all her crimes,

As a woman, I get so disappointed when it becomes obvious that they vote for Hillary because she’s a woman,

I wish that they cared about her crimes,

I wish this desperately because Hillary isn’t a good role model for any woman.


Truthfully, Hillary shows her idiotic side as she attacks Russia,

She has put us in danger because of what was discovered in the leaked e-mails,

It makes me wonder if she wants to start a war with Russia,

Hillary’s leaked e-mails me wonder how other country leaders now see us because of her e-mails,

I feel that Americans are starting to look like fools and not just to Russia.


I also think Hillary is seen as a weak leader,

Her illness knocks her down,

It makes me feel that others think, “We can easily knock down Hillary if she becomes America’s leader,”

Yet Trump has proven over and over that he won’t back down,

That’s why I feel that Trump would be a better American leader.