Psychology Journey


Adopt You (Poem)

You are getting older in the system,

You are hoping someone adopts you,

Yet many teens remain in the system,

It becomes hard to believe that someone is going to adopt you,

You wonder what’s going to happen to you as you continue to stay in the system.


I wonder how I’m going to take care of a young child,

My struggles make it difficult to raise a young child,

Thus, we aren’t seeking a young child,

We are seeking a teen instead of a young child,

A teen fits our lives more than a young child.


My question for you is “Would you accept a parent that isn’t perfect?”

You seek parents who’ll love you,

You want to be accepted even though you aren’t perfect,

We seek a teen just like you,

How about we become a family who loves each other even if we aren’t perfect?


Your Arrival (Poem)

I wait for your arrival,

The time keeps ticking,

Loneliness is starting to take over as I wait for your arrival,

My heart hurts more and more with each ticking,

It’s truly hard to wait for your arrival.


There’s no one to talk to,

You’re the only one I have to talk to,

I chose you to be the only one to talk to,

It makes me sad when you don’t want to talk too,

Still, I continue to choose you to be the only one to talk to.


In the past, I spoke to many,

It felt lonely even though I spoke to many,

Thus, I no longer want to talk to many,

I rather speak to only you instead of many,

Talking to you doesn’t make me feel lonely like when I spoke to many.


So here I wait with the loneliness,

Watching the clock until you arrive,

Choosing the temporary loneliness,

Doing my best to be okay until you arrive,

I know you’ll eventually come and take away the loneliness.


Last Love (Poem)

Depression is hitting me hard,

Tell me how long does love last?

Why is love always hard?

Are we even going to last?

Life feels so hard.


There’s so much I’m trying to overcome,

I feel the need to be alone,

I feel I need a break from love while trying to overcome,

My hardships are making me feel alone,

You don’t always feel like you’re there while trying to overcome.


Perhaps I was just meant to be alone,

I want to give up on us while I work on me,

My heart hurts while dealing with my hardship alone,

Perhaps love just isn’t for me,

Perhaps it’s time that I go back to being alone.


So how long does love last?

I don’t know,

All I know it’s that I don’t feel confident that we’re going to last,

I feel alone is all that I know,

Perhaps this love is going to be the last.

Ended (Poem)

Break up and get back together,

Tears shed each time,

I finally said I don’t want to get back together,

I finally said I had enough this time,

Our story finally ended when I said I didn’t want to get back together.


What’s the point of going back to someone who makes me cry in the end?

Someone who truly loves me won’t make me cry so much,

Someone who truly loves me won’t want us to end,

Someone who truly loves me won’t hurt me so much,

Realizing that is why it was finally the end.

Does Life Hate Me (Poem)

Does life love me?

Does life hate me?

Life is hard so it must hate me,

Why else is life doing this to me?

It feels like life is never going to go easy on me.


Should I be grateful for the hardships that life is giving me?

Did life make me stronger because of the hardships?

Why should I be grateful for the hardships life has given me?

Why do I have to keep getting stronger because of the hardships?

Why can’t life accept a weak me?


Perhaps it’s because life believes in me,

Life wants to show me the best person I can be,

Perhaps I just need to believe in me,

Perhaps I’ll end up loving the person I was meant to be,

Perhaps the question I should be asking is “Why am I able to overcome if life hates me?”


Manipulator (Poem)

Suicide is a drug that gets so tempting,

A drug that says “I’ll end it all for you,”

In the hardships, it’s so tempting,

It calls and calls you,

It’s so hard to walk away when it’s so tempting.


Hard to see or hear the surroundings,

Too exhausted to see or listen,

Thus, I call suicide the best manipulator because it zones out your surroundings,

The manipulator tricks you and makes it hard to see or listen,

That’s why in the hardships you must work harder to see your surroundings.


If you listen, you might hear the answer that helps you overcome,

If you see, you might see the answer that helps you overcome,

The manipulator makes you believe you can’t overcome,

Your surroundings show you that can overcome,

Most of all, paying attention to your surroundings is also how you tell yourself you can overcome.

Please Life (Poem)

Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’ll say goodbye to people,

I just don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I don’t want those people,

I want you.


Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’m tired of the illness,

I’m not tired of you,

I’ll do my best to overcome this illness,

Please don’t make it so hard that I want to give up on you.


Please life I don’t want to say goodbye to you,

I’ll overcome this situation,

I just need to hold on to you,

I’ll hold on to you even if it’s so hard in this situation,

But please help me while I’m doing my best to hold on to you.

Another Sob (Poem)

“Please help me” is uttered from my lips,

Yet deep down I know I’m my own savior,

Thus, I bite my own lips,

Blood spills as I laugh hysterically at the taught of being my own savior,

Another sob escapes from my lips.


Have I’ve gone crazy?

Am I crazy for wanting to fight against life?

Does loving the stressful life make me crazy?

It’s hurting so much to continue with this life,

This constant heartbreak is making me feel crazy.


I just want to cry and cry,

Curl up and drown in self-pity,

Feeling my heart shatter as I continue to cry,

“Why is this happening to me” is uttered in my self-pity,

Yet not ready to give up on a life that is making me cry.

Unemployed (Poem)

This isn’t fair,

I’m unemployed while you are still there,

How is that fair?

You wanted everyone gone from there,

No, that isn’t fair.


I worked so hard to get here,

All shattered because of a narcissistic woman,

Unemployment was a fear,

Why did I have to encounter a narcissistic woman?

Now I’m doing my best to overcome this fear.


I’m working hard to find another job,

It’s disappointing that a narcissistic woman became a manager,

It’s so unfair that I’m unemployed while she still has a job,

I’m struggling while you enjoy the title manager,

The only thing I can do is hope and work hard to get a better job.

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