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Capture (Poem)

You might capture someone’s interest while in a relationship or married,

That person might be really good looking,

It’s like a test for those in a relationship or married,

It will answer the question “would you give up on the one you’re with for someone who is good looking?”

It’s about how much you care about your relationship or how much you care about being married.


You might capture the interest of someone with a good personality,

Yet remember that a good person won’t go for a taken person,

Hence, question that personality,

That person might not be a really good person,

Yet it’s another test that answer’s the question “would you give up on the one you’re with because of another personality?”


In other words, you’ll encounter people who’ll test you,

Yet a personality or look won’t capture your interest when you truly love someone,

The one you love is going to be the only one for you,

So getting captured means you don’t truly love that someone,

Getting captured means you shouldn’t even be with the one that is with you.


Trust (Poem)

I sat alone,

There’s no ring on my finger to say I’m married,

He walked up to me as I sat alone,

He didn’t know I was married,

He thought I was alone.


His interest showed as my husband was inside the building,

Yet I didn’t flirt like he wanted to,

It wasn’t because my husband was in the building,

It’s because protecting my marriage is what I want to do,

Thus, I immediately told my husband when I went inside the building.


My husband had no jealousy or worry in his eyes,

My husband made it clear that he didn’t have to worry about me,

There was trust in my husband’s eyes,

That was truly wonderful to me,

Yes, it’s a blessing when there’s trust in a spouse eyes.

You Speak (Poem)

I watched you speak,

Pretending I didn’t see through your disguise,

You continued to speak,

Thankful I could see through your disguise,

Disappointed more and more in you as you continued to speak.


How could you look at me and speak those words to me?

Why didn’t you feel bad about trying to fool me?

Still I listened and analyzed why you were doing this to me,

I analyzed in order to figure out what to say or do after you were done speaking to me,

Yet all I could do is walk away when you were done speaking to me.


I stressed as I tried to figure out what to do with you,

I cried because you became another person who lost my trust,

That’s how I made the choice to say goodbye to you,

I didn’t want someone in my life who I couldn’t trust,

Thus, it was what is best for me and not best for you.


You didn’t care as you spoke those words to me,

So why should I care what my leaving does to you?

Without trust there isn’t a space for you with me,

Without trust is goodbye to you,

Hence, I only let in people who I know aren’t in my life just to hurt me.

Lower to Higher Position (Poem)

You said you cried when you were in my position,

Now you’re doing your best to make us cry,

You stopped caring about the lower position as you rose to the higher position,

You’ve become like those that once made you cry,

Now you want to use us in your higher position.


Yes, you succeeded in making me cry,

Yet I’m not like you,

I chose to resign when I realized all I’m going to do is cry,

I don’t want to stick around and get mistreated by others who have forgotten like you,

I don’t want to work for anyone who forgot that they used to cry.


I rather work for those who remember where they started,

I want to work for those who don’t want to make my work harder just because they struggled,

I haven’t ever forgotten how it all started,

I haven’t forgotten how I struggled,

I haven’t forgotten because my motivation is remembering how I started.

Place and Money (Poem)

Misery comes from where the money is coming from,

Coughing from exhaustion,

Doing my best to love where the money is coming from,

Getting depressed with this place and exhaustion,

When am I going to find a place that has me saying “I love where the money comes from?”


I feel so stuck once again,

I feel like crying because I don’t know how to stop being stuck,

Why is this happening again?

Why do I keep getting stuck?

I didn’t want to go through this again.


It feels like the stress of this place is shortening my life,

My body is fighting to keep going,

I’m fighting not to hate life,

The only thing I can do is find something to keep me going,

I need a motivation to help me enjoy my life.

Supervisor’s Favorite (Poem)

A lazy coworker,

I complained to the supervisor,

I said harsh words to the coworker,

I was the one who got on the bad side of the supervisor,

A realization that the supervisor favored the lazy coworker.


The coworker doesn’t get in trouble,

I make one small mistake and the supervisor makes it public,

The coworker brought me trouble,

I now dislike the supervisor ever since she made my mistake public,

I no longer care if the lazy coworker’s mistake gets the supervisor in trouble.


It’s sad how every company is going to have that coworker that gets away with crap,

It can be so frustrating,

Yet I learned at times it’s better to ignore the crap,

Yes, even if it’s frustrating,

Ignore and avoid getting on the bad side of the supervisor because of someone’s crap.

Temporary Stop (Poem)

Temporary stop,

I can’t stay here,

My soul says this isn’t where I’m meant to stop,

Yes, deep down I know one day I’ll get out of here,

So let’s do our best to create good memories in this stop.


If only it was easy to always create good memories,

Yet even temporary stops can have difficulties,

Still, we should do our best to learn from our difficult memories,

Our dream sometimes comes from difficulties,

Most of all, the future will turn difficulties into less painful memories.


So what do I say to the temporary people?

You are only a temporary stop,

The future will have better people,

I won’t get knocked down by anyone in my temporary stop,

Yes, one day it will be hello better people.

Sibling (Poem)

My dear sibling,

My own blood,

Why do you act like an enemy instead of a sibling?

It saddens me that I can’t even trust my own blood,

It hurts to be on guard with my own sibling.


Will today be the day that you become physically violent again?

I don’t want to defend myself against you again,

Will today be the day when you turn others against me again?

I don’t want to defend myself against others again,

It stresses me that I have to constantly worry about this over and over again.


There are times when I wish I could cut you out of my life,

Yet it’s so hard to walk away from you because you are my sibling,

I endure when it hurts me to have you in my life,

I endure because no matter what you’ll always be a sibling,

That’s what you and I were meant to be in this life.

Seek A Song (Poem)

I seek a song,

A song that will heal my heart,

Do you know a healing song?

A song that will remove the stress from my heart,

Can you recommend a song?


No, I don’t need a song that will make it worse,

Don’t need a song that’s going to get me more depressed,

So don’t recommend a song that’s going to make it worse,

I want to stop being depressed,

So please don’t make it worse.


Tell me what song helps you?

Maybe that song will help me,

Perhaps I can even recommend a song for you,

I help you and you help me,

Isn’t it awesome to share a song that helps me and you?

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