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Sibling (Poem)

My dear sibling,

My own blood,

Why do you act like an enemy instead of a sibling?

It saddens me that I can’t even trust my own blood,

It hurts to be on guard with my own sibling.


Will today be the day that you become physically violent again?

I don’t want to defend myself against you again,

Will today be the day when you turn others against me again?

I don’t want to defend myself against others again,

It stresses me that I have to constantly worry about this over and over again.


There are times when I wish I could cut you out of my life,

Yet it’s so hard to walk away from you because you are my sibling,

I endure when it hurts me to have you in my life,

I endure because no matter what you’ll always be a sibling,

That’s what you and I were meant to be in this life.


Seek A Song (Poem)

I seek a song,

A song that will heal my heart,

Do you know a healing song?

A song that will remove the stress from my heart,

Can you recommend a song?


No, I don’t need a song that will make it worse,

Don’t need a song that’s going to get me more depressed,

So don’t recommend a song that’s going to make it worse,

I want to stop being depressed,

So please don’t make it worse.


Tell me what song helps you?

Maybe that song will help me,

Perhaps I can even recommend a song for you,

I help you and you help me,

Isn’t it awesome to share a song that helps me and you?


Solutions (Poem)

You say you want to die,

Don’t rush me,

It feels like you gave me a ticking clock when you said you want to die,

Trust me,

Stop saying you want to die.


I have to find my own solutions,

I also need to find you a solution,

Let me organized all my solutions,

I can’t just focus on your solution,

Please understand I also have situations that need solutions.


No, that isn’t a reason for you to give up,

You aren’t a burden,

I’m also constantly working on finding reasons not to give up,

Please don’t misunderstand and say you’re a burden,

Please understand you aren’t the only one who fights not to give up.

Wait (Poem)


Let me breathe,

I also had to wait,

So please let me breathe,

I’ll find a way while you wait.


Perhaps you can also find a solution,

I worked hard to have what I have,

I searched for a solution,

So please let me enjoy what I have,

Please don’t stress me over this solution.


I do care,

I won’t leave you all alone,

So please don’t say that I don’t care,

Believe that you won’t deal with your problem alone,

Wait and know that I care.

Relaxed World (Poem)

I left the negative world,

I entered a relaxed world,

From poor world,

To not so poor world,

My body and mind finally found the right world.


How did I end up in this world?

I worked hard without giving up,

Giving up would’ve resulted in not being in this relaxed world,

I’m glad I didn’t give up,

I’m so thankful I’m finally in this world.


For how long will I be here?

I’ll be here as long as I work hard,

Doing nothing wouldn’t have brought me here,

To have the good means to work hard,

So I say “work hard and one day you’ll feel relaxed like I feel here.”

Rich Mentality (Poem)

I don’t want to get stuck in a poor mentality,

I want to dream like royalty

I want to have a rich mentality,

I want to feel spoiled like royalty,

No, I don’t want to be conceited with a rich mentality.


I don’t want to think “It’s okay to be poor forever,”

I never questioned my living condition before,

Questioning made me say “I want to work hard forever,”

I don’t want to be like before,

I want to have it all by working hard forever.


Others might say it’s impossible,

Yet I say “How is it impossible if I work hard forever?”

Not working hard will make it impossible,

So I decided I’ll work hard and prove to others that I can be rich forever,

I’ll show others that it was the best decision to ignore others who said becoming rich is impossible.

Some Success (Poem)

Here are some success,

I succeeded in remaining single,

How is that a success?

You know how hard it is for some to remain single?

Yes, that’s a success.


Getting in a relationship is also a success,

Do you know how hard it is for some to get in a relationship?

Even staying in a relationship is a success,

No, it isn’t always easy to last long in any relationship,

Yes, that’s a success.


Moving to another grade in school is a success,

Do you know how hard it can be for some to move on to the next grade?

That isn’t always an easy success,

Not everyone is able to move to the next grade,

Yes, that’s a success.


Getting a job is a success,

Do you know how hard it is to be chosen when competing with others?

No, that isn’t ever an easy success,

It’s never easy fighting with others,

So yes that’s a success.


So look around and at your life,

Allow yourself to see your areas of success,

Look closely and you’ll see there was success in your life,

You just have to want to see the success,

You just have to be willing to see the good in your life to see the success in your life.

What Should I Believe? (Poem)

What should I believe?

Should a believe a future of success?

Is that what I should believe?

Should I believe a future without success?

Is that what should I believe?


It can be hard to believe a different outcome,

Hard when it seems all I ever had was hardships,

So tell me how do I believe I’ll have a better outcome?

Proof is the constant hardships,

There’s no proof of a better outcome.


I start to believe and then another hardship happens,

Isn’t it better not to believe in something better?

Shouldn’t I just keep believing that hardship is all that happens?

What’s the point in better?

In the end, it feels like I’ll keep hurting or getting disappointed because of the hardship that happens.


So what do I say to myself about believing?

Would you rather give up or keep fighting for success?

Would you rather lose even the small chance just because you stop believing?

In life, we all have different types of success,

Yet in order to actually see or achieve success, it’s important not to stop believing.



Bad Mood (Poem)


What causes me to get in a bad mood?

Usually, one person can cause me to get angry at everyone,

That one person puts me in  a bad person,

Not knowing how to deal with that one person makes me angry at everyone,

All because of that one person.


So there are days when everyone makes me angry,

Days when I want to say “shut the fuck up,”

It can be hard not to say what I want to say when I’m angry,

Thus, at times I put on a fake disguise instead of saying “shut up,”

After all, it isn’t always good to say what you want when you’re angry.


Truthfully, it’s better to cool down before speaking,

Yet for some reason, people just feel like talking when I’m angry,

It can make it harder to cool down before speaking,

Still, I do my best not to remain angry,

I do my best to watch what I say before speaking.

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