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Fear to Loving the World (Poem)

The world once made me sick,

Fear kept me in my room,

I couldn’t step out of my room without feeling sick,

I felt safe in my room,

Yet it depressed me every time I felt sick.


I cried and I prayed to get better,

Yet I knew deep down it was up to me to overcome my fear,

So I slowly left my room in order to get better,

I stayed a few minutes outside in order to slowly overcome my fear,

It was so hard to fight to get better.


Eventually, minutes became hours,

Eventually, I could stay outside without running inside,

I learned to appreciate the world during the hours,

The fear inside became falling in love inside,

I fell in love with the world during those hours.


Now I can travel to a different state,

I’m grateful for each person that I meet,

It’s truly a blessing and a miracle that I can go to another state,

It brings happy tears to not fear every person that I meet,

Still, I’ll always prefer my own state.


Nature (Poem)

We traveled to another state,

The dark clouds scared me,

There was sunshine in one state,

The sunshine was beautiful to me,

Yet fear appeared as we moved to the other state.


Yes, nature can be so beautiful,

Yet nature can also be scary,

Yes, I can also admire nature when it’s scary,

Yet, fear that a tornado might appear made it difficult to say it was beautiful,

Tornados and lightning can be so scary.


However, there was light ahead,

There was darkness behind,

That had me saying “we’re going towards the light” as we went ahead,

Also, had me saying “we’re leaving the darkness” as I watched behind,

It was fascinating to see behind and ahead.

Hand (Poem)

He takes me in his arms and we begin to dance,

We move to the music,

Our love is expressed through our dance,

We don’t always match to the music,

We just care about expressing our love through our dance.


He hugs me when I say “hug me,”

It’s a hug that shows love and a hug that says “I’m here,”

I hug him when he says “hug me,”

It’s a hug that says “let’s just hug and stay here,”

It’s a hug that says “I’m grateful you’re with me.”


I say or he says hold my hand,

These are the hands that hold us while we dance or hug,

No, there isn’t a ring in any hand,

Instead, our love is shown through a dance or hug,

Even without touching we know we will be there if we need a hand.


Dear Cousin (Poem)

Dear Cousin,

It’s almost a year since you passed away,

I saw you in my dream, cousin,

My heart still breaks even though it’s almost a year since you passed away,

It breaks more because of your four children, cousin.


What am I supposed to do, cousin?

There’s a fear that your kids are going to have a really hard life,

Do you remember how hard your life was without your parent’s, cousin?

Cousin, how can you leave your kids with a harder life?

I wish there was something I could do, cousin.


Our cousins say your kids are fine,

Cousin, are they really fine?

Cousin, can you show us if your kids aren’t fine?

Give us a sign if your kids aren’t fine,

Please don’t let us be blind if your kids aren’t truly fine.

A Child Without A Mother (Poem)

I watched her cry,

My heart broke as she cried for her mother,

I began to cry,

I cried as I thought about those without a mother,

I wondered how many long for their mother and cry.


I thought about my own mother,

I thought about what kind of mother I want to be,

I thought about how blessed I’ve been because of my mother,

I thought about how I wish my child will feel blessed when he/she thinks about me,

Thus, my wish is to become the best mother.


Yet there are those without mothers who say “I don’t need you to be perfect,”

Those without mothers sometimes say “I just want you to be here,”

That lessens the fear of not being perfect,

That’s why one day I’ll adopt a child and say “I’m here,”

That’s why one day I’ll tell my adopted child “Thank you for accepting me even if I’m not perfect.”




Destined Love (Poem)

I couldn’t handle the stress,

Giving up on us was something I almost did,

Yet we weren’t destined to leave each other because of stress,

Thus, leaving wasn’t something I did,

Time eventually removed the stress.


A destined love eventually dries the tears,

The burdens eventually get removed,

A love that isn’t meant to be will continue the tears,

A love that isn’t meant to be will continue with the burdens that can’t be removed,

Thus, question the burden and the tears.


Yes, letting go is hard,

Yet time will eventually heal the pain that is meant to be,

A destined love isn’t meant to be hard,

A destined love will show you that you are meant to be,

That’s why I say my love is destined since it isn’t hard.

Company Going Down (Poem)

One aggressive manager is gone,

A passive manager remains,

Deep down it feels the company is going to go down now that the aggressive manager is gone,

Staying seems difficult since the passive manager remains,

How is the passive manager going to succeed now that the aggressive manager is gone?


The passive manager always says to ask someone else when questions arise,

The passive manager never knows anything,

What is she going to do when problems arise?

A lower employee seems to want to take her place since the passive manager doesn’t know anything,

Yet that means more issues are going to arise.


The lower employee tried to knock me down,

Yet I didn’t let her because she was in the same position as me,

Now she has more power and it seems she’s going to try to knock me down,

Now the company doesn’t feel right for me,

Deep down I feel the lazy employees, the passive manager, and the lower employee is going to bring the entire company down.


Now I’m working so hard to find another job,

Working hard because I’m unappreciated in this company,

Working hard because the employees make it hard to want to remain in this job,

I just wish it wasn’t so hard to get hired at another company,

I wish it wasn’t hard to get another job.



Adopting (Poem)

In the process of adopting a child,

It isn’t an easy decision,

It’s hard because of the background of the child,

I have to analyze and determine if this is the best decision,

Yes, I know I’ll be giving a home to a child.


Yet there are bad habits that I’ll have to break,

They were raised to believe it’s okay to do certain bad things,

There won’t be a break,

I’ll have to constantly monitor the child until they stop doing bad things,

It makes me wonder if it’s a habit I can break.


Still, I’m unable to have my own child,

Adopting is my only option,

Yet having my own child doesn’t mean a perfect child,

Thus, adopting might sometimes end up as a better option,

The adopted child might end up better than my own child.

Mirror (Poem)

Beautiful is what I should call myself,

Doesn’t it sound conceited?

Isn’t it better instead of hating myself?

No, I’m not trying to sound conceited,

I’m just trying to heal myself.


For so long I cried because of who I saw in the mirror,

So tell me why should I keep crying?

Why can’t I tell myself “you are beautiful” as I look in the mirror?

Thus, I’m doing my best to disregard what others say so I’ll stop crying,

I want to see myself smile as I look in the mirror.


Perhaps others might dislike me for learning to love my image,

I think it’s silly that they’re so focused on how I look,

Why don’t they focus on their own image?

Why do they care so much about my look?

Perhaps they’re focusing more on me because they actually don’t like their own image?

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